How To Detox Your Home


There is very little new information that has not already been researched, reported, garnered and presented in beautiful books over many years, in an attempt to get the modern world to accept that we are killing ourselves and our wonderous Planet, with the blatant and totally unnecessary use of chemicals in our daily lives.

Lisa Butterworth has, in How To Detox Your Home gathered together a mass of information on non-toxic products and solutions, enhanced by beautiful photography and layout, to help you make informed and informative decisions about the products chosen to be used on a daily basis in your home and on your skin.  In this room by room guide to a healthier home and a healthier lifestyle almost by default, lies the secret to a healthy, happy, nontoxic environment for your family.

Set out in a clean, clear and easy to use style, Lisa Butterworth looks at what exactly is a toxin and how these unseen chemicals impact on our health in various ways such as irritants, carcinogens and neurotoxins, none of which are considered as a good health outcome, let alone the impact on the Planet.

Non-toxic cleaning supplies suggested for use are many of the everyday products in your kitchen cupboards which include bicarb soda, olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice and cornflower; all cost effective and all used widely throughout history with great effect.  When combined with essential oils, which can be used for self-care and cleaning, you have begun the journey of detoxing your home and environment. Although you may think your little bit of change may not make a difference, small steps become big strides.

Well set out, the book is more of a guide or reference book to be used as required once it has been read throughout, with each of the sections constructed with a fresh look, clear information and presented in an easy to use style.  By the end of the book you will certainly be convinced about the levels of toxicity in your homes and products in daily use, hopefully enough to be convinced to make some simple changes to detox your home, save dollars in your budget and lead a far healthier life.

How To Detox Your Home could very easily be considered as the perfect and practical resource to create a healthy and environmentally friendly living space in your Home.

Title:                   How to Detox Your Home
Author:               Lisa Butterworth
ISBN:                  9780733643583
Publisher:           Hachette Healthy Living

reviewed by Jan Mawdesley

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