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According to hypnotherapist and coach, Kandi Lee, the reason why attracting abundance is blocked in so many people is because of negative beliefs that are held deep in subconscious programs.  In this article, Kandi shares how this occurs and why it is essential to identify the correct belief, that is at the root of the problem.

Abundance is something nearly everyone is chasing!  A wonderful dream of financial freedom that will allow you to quit the 9-5, travel the world, buy the dream house, spend more quality time with the family, and do the things you really want to do… and yet, despite all the “Law of Attraction” books, videos, advice and information that is now readily available, very few seem to be able to actualize a significant change in their financial situation.

In my practice, helping clients understand and reprogram their subconscious mind I have heard this many times. “I don’t understand why this is not working for me, I’ve been doing this for years, I believe in the law of attraction and I’m doing it all! I’m positive, I have a vision board, I’m writing affirmations, I’m reciting the mantras, I’m visualizing, I’m meditating, I have it written on my mirrors, but nothing is shifting for me… I even sage my house daily and have crystals up my …!”

“Promise of Abundance?”

The pain and frustration are real, and it’s not just the crystals… hahaha. There are Law of Attraction (LOA) ‘gurus’ who will say that you’re doing it wrong. You should be setting your intention, believing it’s going to happen, and then forget about it – then, somehow, magically, everything will just come to you. The logic is that by allowing it to consume your every thought, focusing on your desire all day every day you are in fact creating resistance. That sounds OK in theory but there are also many very successful people who have done exactly this, focused on their goal obsessively, lived, breathed, and dreamed it, and seen it realized. So why does the Law of Attraction seem to work for some and not for all? It’s not all about the method you’re using. There’s a good chance the answer lies in your subconscious mind.

How the Subconscious Works

I suspect the majority of people reading this article would have a pretty good understanding of how your subconscious mind works. The name really suggests it all – it’s the mind that is functioning at a level below (sub), your awareness (consciousness). Our subconscious mind is the reason that having driven for a while we are able to get in a car and not have to think about the mechanics of operating the vehicle. We are looking in the rear-view mirror, indicating and changing lanes effortlessly, all whilst belting out the words to a song on the radio, dancing a little in our seats, AND mentally planning what we are going to have for dinner. So, programmed in beneficial ways your subconscious is awesome, it helps you do all sorts of handy things like walk and talk and eat and breathe without having to think about how. But what if it’s been programmed to do something other than what you would like it to do?


You see our subconscious is being coded from the minute we are born (well actually before that but I’ll leave that for another article), and so your ideas and core beliefs are being formed around all sorts of subjects, long before you have any real adult concepts about them. Being integral to living in this world, money is certainly, a hot topic that surrounds us from an early age. If not directly from our parents, grandparents, or someone else connected to us, all of us would have heard at some stage in our life comments such as “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “money is the root of all evil”, “money doesn’t bring you happiness”, “rich people are greedy”.  Depending on the emotion around them, these sorts of simple words can permeate our subconscious.

If you’ve grown up in scarcity, which is often accompanied by a LOT of emotion – e.g., hearing constant parental arguments about household finances or feeling embarrassed wearing hand-me-downs because your parents couldn’t afford to buy you new clothes, you could very well have formed subconscious beliefs such as, “money causes problems” or “there’s never enough”.

Societal and Media Conditioning

Then there’s societal and media conditioning, cartoons portraying the ‘rich’ villain, teachers suggesting you need to find a good job that pays well and work hard or you’ll never be a success, the evening news telling us a recession is coming and we’re in for hard times, we’re literally bombarded with negative ideas about money our entire lives.

The reality is if you’re having a difficult time acquiring money or retaining it (some people are great at attracting money but can’t seem to keep it), you’re most likely running a subconscious program with negative money beliefs – and this is what is blocking your abundance.

Your subconscious is much like the operating system of a computer, it’s encoded to function in a certain way. If you’ve ever switched from using a Mac to a PC or vice versa, you’ll understand it more clearly. It doesn’t matter how many times you try and pick that document up and drop it into the application it’s just not going to open on a PC – it simply wasn’t programmed to perform that operation. Much like the client’s ‘doing the work’, saying the mantras, visualizing and affirming, their operating system (their subconscious mind) may simply not be recognizing the command.

The wonderful news is you have the power to reprogram your subconscious and change it permanently so that it’s working with your goals, not against them. But, I hear you say… isn’t that exactly what the affirmations, mantras and visualizations etc are supposed to be doing? Well yes – that’s correct, provided however you understand what the code is that needs to be rewritten… and are rewriting the program in the correct manner – that’s where I come into the picture.

Let’s use my client ‘Jessica’ as an example.

When Jessica fell pregnant, she decided to end her successful corporate career to be a stay-at-home mum. Not long after her marriage broke down. Rather than returning to full-time employment to support her young child, she decided to use the business experience she’d gained in her corporate career to develop a brilliant online business she could run from home. Within a year she was doing exceptionally well, already making a 6 figure profit, but 7 years on her business was stagnating. Despite her drive, motivation, and desire to move past her current lifestyle to one where she was really thriving, she just couldn’t seem to reach that next level of financial success. There was always something that seemed to hold things back.

As a Law of Attraction believer, she was ‘doing the work’ – frustrated and disillusioned she came to me. “I am pretty sure I have a money block”.

After taking Jessica down into a deep level of relaxation, where her conscious ‘thinking’ mind was essentially put to sleep, I directed Jessica’s subconscious to go to a scene from her past that was at the root of her inability to gain the financial freedom she was seeking.

The scene that came to Jessica’s mind was something that she’d forgotten decades before, but the feelings and emotions all came flooding back like it was yesterday. She was 8 years old, her aunt – her mother’s sister, had come to visit. Her aunt had married into a very wealthy family and was living a lifestyle far above her sisters. She drove a luxury sportscar, dressed in designer clothes, and regularly took lavish overseas holidays. Jessica always sensed an air of disdain and pity, from her when she was visiting their modest home. That day she criticized her mother’s teacups, “Oh Lucy really is this what you’re using – I’ll buy you some new ones”. She saw the embarrassment on her mother’s face. Later, after her aunt had left, her mother seemed upset. She explained to Jessica how close they’d always been, “When we were young, we were so close, we were inseparable. I adored her, but that money has changed her, she’s not the same person anymore, she’s not my sister anymore”.

Formation of Negative Beliefs 

Through the process of analyzing this and other scenes that came up during the session, it was clear that in Jessica’s young mind, several negative beliefs had been formed around money.

    1. Money changes people in negative ways
    2. Money caused her mum to not have a sister anymore

She certainly didn’t want to be mean like her aunt and make other people feel bad and she never ever wanted to lose her own sister, she loved her sister, and so a program was coded right then and there, deep in her precious 8-year-old mind as a means of protecting her from either of those things ever occurring, it was simple – never get rich.

No amount of affirmations about deserving money, money being available in abundance or visualizations about her business delivering her a luxury lifestyle were ever going to work for Jessica.

Your mind has another wonderful characteristic, also designed to protect you – it simply cannot hold two conflicting beliefs.

So if you’re dreaming of, focusing on, and visualizing your financial abundance but a subconscious program has been running for the last 30 years to protect you from ever achieving that, which program do you think will override the other? Realistically it’s as futile as trying to perform the Mac function on the PC.

key to abundanceUnderstanding exactly where your beliefs are formed can be transformative in itself.

Changing the Mindset

Looking back at that scene and processing it with her adult mind, Jessica was immediately able to understand that the beliefs she had formed as a child were not rational – of course, it wasn’t the money’s fault her aunt was rude, over her adult years she knew many wealthy people that were lovely, generous and kind, her aunt was simply a bitch! She also had a new view of her mother’s comments in relation to not having a sister, she understood that they weren’t literal as she had interpreted them at 8 years of age. This awareness INSTANTLY rewrote the program, enabling Jessica to move forward with her business and achieve the income she was seeking.

For some clients, the ‘program’ can take a little more time to recode, but 30 days is usually all anyone needs to eradicate their money blocks forever. Your mind learns by repetition and installing new, positive beliefs when your mind is in a lower brainwave state and your subconscious is accessible – such as just before you go to sleep or just after you wake up, is often all you need to do. However, what is integral to your success is ensuring you’re working with the correct belief, the core belief that is at the root of the problem you’re experiencing, and overwriting this at a subconscious level. It is then, that you will truly experience life-altering transformations.

Kandi Lee is a  Certified Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT®) and Transformational Coach. She assists clients to identify core beliefs – the ‘program’ within your subconscious that is currently running your life and facilitates the creation of new beneficial, life-altering beliefs that will set your life on a new transformational trajectory. For more information visit:


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