The Mother of Honey by Ana Maria Luisa


A Memoir About a Woman’s Journey to Heal Ancestral Trauma 

Ana Maria Luisa writes a compelling and beautiful tribute to her mother Iracy, a formidable, brave, loving and inspired Brazilian woman, born in poverty, but with strength, courage and determination moved her family out of the harsh life of farming in rural Brazil, to the big City life of Sao Paulo.

Beginning with Francesca, Iracy’s mother, a child of a large rural farming family, given to be a child bride at the age of thirteen years, the lives of the woman of the family unfold. No idea how to be a wife, so her husband returned her to her mother to be taught how to keep house and look after him.

Sixteen children later, 8 small graves of the little ones too sick to survive lodged forever in her heart, she and the remaining children began a new life in Sao Paulo, a life that once would have been unimaginable, except for the bravery of one of her older daughters Maria, taking a chance to move to another life, and then later Iracy joining her.

The story is full of sadness, happiness, laughter and love bound together by family ties so strong that no matter where each of the children lived, they still formed an unbreakable bond. The love for one tiny, indomitable woman who with her innate wisdom and kindness changed the lives of everyone she met on her life journey, is palpable.

Iracy’s story is one of grit and determination, of a brave woman who carefully planned her pathway through life encouraging her children to strive for the best, even though, when Ana moved away to England, a place they had to look up on the Atlas, it almost broke her heart.

Rich for the telling The Mother of Honey shares with candour the harsh reality of life for so many families born into hardship, as three generations of women strive to bring change to their children.

Anyone facing a struggle in life, or feeling a bit lost, aimless or indecisive should read Iracy’s story as it shows that with a plan, something Iracy always had, even though others were unaware, determination and faith in herself, she truly did move mountains.

Author                      Ana Maria Luisa
Publisher                 Independently published
ISBN                          979-8391668503

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Review By Janet Mawdesley


About the author

Ana Maria Luisa is a psychotherapist, climate activist, and upcoming author of an eco-novel called Seven Magpies Falling Dead from the Skies. With a passion for family stories, healing journeys, relationships, and the human plight, her target audience is anyone seeking to learn more about these topics.

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