NEWS: Why Stopping Deep Sea Gas Projects Really Matters

Another side of the ecological threat posed by the deep sea mining for gas on the coast of Western Australia is the CO2 emissions and climate change.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific takes Woodside to court alleging misleading climate claims –

SYDNEY – Thursday 14 December 2023 – Greenpeace Australia Pacific has filed a lawsuit against fossil fuel giant Woodside in the Federal Court of Australia overnight. The case could see Woodside held to account for allegedly misleading and/or deceiving the Australian public about the enormous climate harm of its gas and oil projects.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific alleges that the fossil fuel giant has misrepresented its climate performance and plans. Greenpeace Australia Pacific, represented by the Environmental Defenders Office (EDO), will claim that:

  • Woodside represented that it had cut the climate pollution from extracting and processing its gas and oil by 11% in 2022, but it had relied heavily on so-called “carbon offsets” – and its actual emissions went up by more than 3%.
  • Woodside represented that it had a plan to be ‘net zero’ by 2050, but it had neglected to mention that this didn’t apply to the emissions produced when its oil and gas get burnt which represents over 90% of its climate pollution.

If successful, the Federal Court case could improve disclosure transparency, forcing fossil fuel companies to be upfront about the scope and impact of their business plans, not trying to bury the truth in the fine print.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific is claiming that Woodside – Australia’s biggest climate threat – has engaged in conduct that was misleading or deceptive or was likely to mislead or deceive when making statements about its greenhouse gas emissions and reduction plans.

The case comes at the conclusion of global climate talks at COP28 and follows Greenpeace Australia Pacific’s recent scaling of a 140-metre crane next door to Woodside’s headquarters in Perth. Greenpeace activists condemned Woodside’s climate-wrecking proposed Burrup Hub project and called on decision-makers to “Stop Woodside”, ahead of an expected Federal Government decision in relation to the project in early 2024.

Learn more about why we should be concerned and make our voices heard.

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