Dynamic Planetary Change: Brings New Discoveries and Growth


Conscious Living Magazine April Issue  
Eclipse April 8th  – brings dynamic change and invites us to embrace new beginnings.

Editor’s Pick 

New Discoveries at the Pyramids of Giza That Will Change EVERYTHING… Interview with Robert E Grant on the Next Level Soul Podcast by Alex Ferrari

The Hidden Power You Have to USE!  Interview with Michael Sandler talking to Caroline Myss

Spiritual Awakening

Use Solfeggio Frequencies to Cultivate Your Meditative Mind

Kimberley Theresa Lafferty: Everyone Has a Story – Right! BATGAP interview with Rick Archer

What’s Making News in Health

Powerful Effects of Music: Unlocking Memories and Stimulating the Brain
by Dr Mercola

Personal Growth

Unlocking the Power Within: Embracing Self Love by Debbie Paull


April Horoscopes: Cosmic Energies Supports You To Thrive by Rachel Lang

Chinese Zodiac Astrology for the Month of April by Michele Castle

Coming Events

Dr Sandra Cabot Seminars Australia Wide

Best Healing Solutions: Select the Introductory Module with Sarah Westaway


The Magic of Rosemary … Here’s to Good Health CHEERS! Dr Peter Dingle

Books and Music – BlueWolf Reviews

🕮 The Mother of Honey  by Ana Maria Luisa

🕮 Astrolations! Astrological-guide-relationships by Jill Carr

♪  Portraits of Days Past by Solace Road

♪  Evensong by Kevin Keller 

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