Astrolations! Astrological-guide-relationships by Jill Carr


Jill Carr like so many others, began studying her Astrological star sign as a young teenager, wondering what the day, month or year ahead held for her. This fascination with Astrology continued, leading her to study both Western and Chinese astrology deeply and with an ongoing fascination with people and their innate characteristics.

Her fascination remains particularly regarding the aspect of how people relate to one another and why. Why, when you meet someone for the first time do you feel like you are comfortable within their field of energy, or instantly discover hackles raised for no specific reason?

What particular combination of Astrology makes a relationship gel and work, while others fail makes fascinating reading, as she details how, over seven specific sections, getting it right, or understanding the pathway you are on with relationships, both on a personal and community level, is so important.

Both the Western or Sun Sign and the Eastern or Moon Signs combine to shape your character and how by understanding these various influences, you can better understand yourself and those around you.

Well set out and presented in an easy to understand language, each of the sections provides a raft of fascinating AH HA moments, which are edifying to the novice or the more informed reader.

Should this be your first journey into the fascinating world of Astrology, Astrolations will guide you gently towards discovering more about who you are, with a little bit of fun along the way, as you begin to establish what it is that makes you, well uniquely you!

Author            Jill Carr
Publisher        Collectiveinkbooks
ISBN              978-1-80341-420-1

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Review By Janet Mawdesley

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