Thyme: A Gateway Into Timelessness


Thyme teaches that time is quantum, not linear, and how to live into that. Thyme is a gateway into a new reality. We may need its support in staying resilient, healthy, honest, and breathing through the multiple changes unfolding as we shift into new paradigms.

In August 2019, a small group of people joining the Co-creative Gardening Collective had a brief tune into Thyme. One of the messages received was that there was about to be a local epidemic and that Thyme would be specific for it along with another plant. This was 6 or 7 months before the corona ‘pandemic’. But this little message remained in my head for a few months until I dropped it as nothing appeared to eventuate. A few weeks into the current pandemic (mid-April 2020), I remembered and felt it was time for some Thyme tuning. Sending out a call for plant whisperers to join, a potent group of around 70 people came together online for three days. Our intention: to collectively tune into Thyme to more deeply understand its medicine.

The potency of having so many people tuning in at once was amazing – the themes of Thyme became apparent very quickly. This article is a summary of what 32 people tuning into Thyme managed to write down and share of the messages they received.

I’m aiming to put these themes in an order where the depth of Thyme’s medicine slowly unfolds along the way, so we’ll start with the more obvious and get to the real juice later! Enjoy the journey!

Potency: Less is More.

Phrases such as: “Don’t be fooled by my tiny leaves, they contain concentrated doses” and “I pack a punch” were loud and clear. Thyme is small but potent. You don’t need much of it to get a firm effect. Teaches us to not get fooled by appearances – bigger does not necessarily mean more powerful. Smaller can hold more potential, potency and stamina.

thyme leaves


The lungs were a strong and pervasive theme. Summarising so many similar insights, is to say:

Thyme creates spaciousness in the lungs and the whole upper body. It clears them, relieves the constriction of grief, enables free flowing breath and encourages deep full breathing. It decongests and removes debris from the lungs on the most subtle levels. Thyme helps us deepen and slow our breathing. It brings the message of taking the time/Thyme to breathe!

Thyme loves to be inhaled via steam inhalation or even in the bath – a sprig or two in some boiling water, towel over the head and breathe! Inhaling Thyme is like being in a pure oxygen chamber – as pure oxygen flows into the lungs, any damage is restored.

When there’s tightness in the lungs or chest, restriction of breathing, when the lungs need a good cleanse, take Thyme to breathe. Good for coal miners lungs – suffocating feeling, deep below the earth, air full of dust.

Air Element – Breath

‘I am of the air. I clean out passages (nasal, lungs etc.). I awaken your senses to bring you out of the doldrums and bring in new life.’

Thyme relates to the air element – a lightness, an upward and outward motion. Effervescence. The breath cleanses. Take time to breathe.

Excess Air – Scattered. Need for grounding.

A pattern emerged of cloudy thinking, scattered thinking and ways of being, and not taking the time/Thyme to do the work. A restlessness and not taking time to really be with. As such, we can see Thyme as a supporter for this – a grounding energy when the air element is too strong and scatty. Helps us come back to earth, to take TIME, to be more present in the now. The breath is the doorway to presence. Thyme can help us cut through the noise and really be present in the NOW. “There is no time like the present.”

Warming, uplifting, stimulating.  

These can all be felt very clearly on ingesting a leaf or two of Thyme. It is warming, invigorating, uplifting, and stimulating, hence can be very useful for cool, damp, stagnant conditions.

A description of this damp, stagnant aspect of Thyme:  “In the dark – the fear, stagnation, underground. Where fear keeps you from moving until you pee your pants in desperation, curled in on yourself barely daring to breathe. Thick. Slow. Fetid. Anaerobic. Where green things ooze and brown things crust. Toxic orange sulphur steaming through vents and dripping down the side of rock. Underground caves with boulders, rocks and gravel with a lake. Very still, no breeze.”

Another version of this was the coal miners’ lung, the need for clearing the stale air, and the metaphor of the dark side that needs to be addressed. “To regain strength, we need to periodically go deep and bring our dirt to the light. The miners who didn’t do this got ‘miner’s lung’ and became unproductive. To do the work we have to do the Work.”

The feeling of clearing, cleansing the old, and removing stagnation is repeated again and again throughout the group. We’ll come to this more in a moment.

“I feel a space open in between my persistent fear, stress, and anxiety with the grip on each breath as I attune to the sensations of each inhale and exhale and deeper presence with the spirit of the plant which feels invitingly warm, accepting, and soothing. It offers a simple guide of deeper mindful awareness of breathing, an anchor to Mother Nature and presence and simple guidance, sharing a transformative energy that gently uplifts the times of worry and stress these days are collectively bringing to our world.”


Thymus. Protection/ Immune. Heart chakra.

Thyme for the thymus. Immune system organ.

‘I endure and ignore all external influences’.

Thyme teaches that boundaries can be set gently yet firmly. She cleanses the aura and teaches us how to practice maintaining our energy field so as not to leak energy. She helps us become aware of any energetic leakages and where we are draining energy away.

Thy and me. Other and self. Reciprocity. Heart connection. Deep love.

Purifying, cleansing, clearing, and releasing the old

This was another huge theme: clearing the air and lungs, releasing negativity. Thyme is antiseptic, cleansing, dispelling, and detoxifying.

Thyme inspires cleanliness both inside and out – clears old fluid from lungs, extracellular fluid, and impurities; cleans our field, energy thoughts, speech, and throat; clears scattered energies, clutter, and timing. She especially clears the lungs, air passages, head, throat, voice, and all upper body, but also affects the stomach.

Grandmother Thyme, a loving plump grandma type wearing an apron who scrubs you clean with tough grandmother love – it may hurt a little, but it’s a ‘for your own good’ sort of pain – she reaches in deep to clear the dirt away.

“Clearing the way, sweeping aside, waiting for us to wake up and see…”

On a deeper level, Thyme helps us to let go the old debris so we can move forwards with only that which is needed. Release all that is no longer needed, be discerning. Visit the past so that you can learn from it and move forward by releasing the old patterns. She scans and removes stagnant energy from our energetic bodies and seals up any leakages in the aura. She acts on the aura to cleanse, clear, repair and leave it vibrating with love, peace, and protection.

Several people received the message that Thyme can make a lovely smoke stick for cleansing energies and space – this is one of her potent powers.

She is a lifter of oppression, returning us to personal sovereignty, this can take a paradigm shift – letting go the old. There’s a need for action, for industriousness – it’s not a passive process. Need to be actively involved, with courage, and take full personal responsibility.

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 11.30.04 am

Resilience, Courage and Sternness

Resilience was another theme that came through for most people.

She is resilient but within limits. There is a sternness to her, a down-to-earth, get-to-work energy. She is patient with us, but there is a limit to her patience. There is a message of the patience of nature – waiting for us to take more positive action – so much patience, but there is a limit to it too. This is where the sternness comes in.

There’s a sense that she has high standards but also provides you with the courage and strength to reach them.

time for resilience

Throat:Honesty. Speaking truth

There were several pieces around expressing truth, clearing the voice, and courage to speak up and out. Feeling bold enough to speak out and share my truth. ‘Get things off my chest’. She knows how to vent, is comfortable with both light and dark so takes courage to be honest.

Thyme speaks of honesty tempered by kindness and softness. Sometimes the truth hurts, so finding ways to speak it – the need to be stern and firm but also loving and kind is important.

“Time is in our Hands” Jonathan Beresford

Timelessness, Eternity, Presence, Time travel, Bridging worlds.

This is where the journey started to get fascinating. Jokes in which the words time/Thyme were interchangeable permeated the whole 3 days and a beautiful synchronicity occurred in that the local newspaper had the front page headline: “Time for Resilience” the very same week!

Thyme gave almost everyone in the group teaching around time – whether it was linear 3d time or the expanded version of 5d timeless eternity.

“Time doesn’t exist in our world as it does yours.”

Thyme seems to be a beautiful teacher of moving into the present moment of eternity, timelessness. It brings awareness to when we aren’t doing this – rushing around in linear time feeling like there’s ‘no time’ to do what we want to do, and not being in the present.

Thyme invites us to have a different relationship with time- not the linear time of our minds, but the all-encompassing eternal time in which all moments exist in unity, in one moment. It can help us develop and master our experience of timelessness and strengthen our connection with present time.

Thyme invites us into this state of pure presence through the gateway of the breath. In this eternal moment of now, all time exists and we can access both the past and the future, experience increased amounts of creativity and connection, as well as know the real meaning of ‘divine timing’ and hence have infinite patience.

There were teachings about weaving timelines together and unifying them at the centre. That we need to be unified and centred to do this.

Thyme shows that with every breath, we can align to access the wisdom of the past, present, and future. There was a feeling of traversing times and worlds. Several people experienced being taken to past eras and places, particularly the Victorian era (possibly where Thyme was much in need), to times when time moved at a different pace. Others had prophetic visions that came true the next day. Someone received that Thyme was a death walker – it can help people transition through the liminal spaces.

Non-Linear Time Bubbles 

Another big teaching from Thyme was that timelines are not linear, but rather, time bubbles. These bubbles are created by our perspective and beliefs about the world – like a vision/perspective bubble. The vision/time bubble is the soup that creates our reality. It is made up of our conditioning, collective beliefs, and our past. Within this bubble, all time is simultaneous and contains infinite possibilities but only so far as our belief systems or vision will allow. When our vision aligns with another’s vision bubble, the bubbles meet and we get collective moments. On a greater level – the collective beliefs and vision bubbles are determining the collective time bubble we are in.

Thyme has the power to explode these bubbles (like water droplets in the lungs), cleanse them, release the old dirt, and collapse the old bubbles, to take us to a bigger perspective of infinite possibilities.

Once upon a thyme…… a young boy was sitting on a Thyme bush. Suddenly he slides off and runs, chasing something in the air, he wants to capture it and know it. I’m aware of the linear line he’s running in, like linear time. Eventually, he captures it. It’s a butterfly. Now he knows what it is, he can name it, label it, and put it in a box. This pauses time – once in a box, he’s no longer alive in the moment. Once labeled, we are no longer in pure presence with something. The boy no longer chases butterflies as he’s already ‘boxed’ them. Now he’s looking for other things to know, thinking he already knows butterflies. This linearity stops us from relating in real-time, in presence. Instead, we are just in the story. Realize how much we live in the stories we’ve been told. Labeled and boxed. Not in the moment.

Thyme: “I know how to collapse stories and return you to presence.”

Thyme can collapse the old time capsules and vision bubbles. Cleans them out so we can take fresh air in again. It helps us release and collapse the old, lifeless stories and bring us back into our presence, into real-time.

Expanding Possibilities

Thyme takes us outside the vision bubble into timelessness.

Just as the scent of Thyme stimulates and expands the breath and lungs, it expands our normal capacity and view of the world into one of all possibilities. It helps us expand beyond our little vision bubble.

At the current time, the world is expanding its vision bubble, going beyond what it thought before. Thyme is supportive in that it helps us go beyond and further than before. It expands not just our air capacity, but our ideas of what is possible. Helps us go into a timeless space that is even beyond all the collective dream bubbles. Thyme holds them all in one moment. It frees up the structures of the past, so that new may come in.

DNA Activation

Another little theme was the activating of DNA. Thyme is another plant that can access and activate dormant DNA that has been passed down for generations. The Time is NOW! Thyme activates our DNA to remember the wisdom of past, present, and future in no time at all.

Thyme was causing small explosions of light across the horizontal lines of the double helix, as though disrupting and/or rebalancing the DNA.



Thyme may be small, but it has incredible potency. It deepens our breath – the gateway into the present moment. And with this deepened breath and focus in the NOW, the old can be acknowledged, cleansed, and collapsed just as the cells in our lungs expand and collapse with each breath.

As we collapse the old and worn out, there is space for the new to unfold, for fresh air to be inhaled, new insights to awaken, and visions to expand. This is a plant to help expand our version of all things. From timelessness, infinite possibilities are available to us. Thyme teaches that time is quantum, not linear, and how to live into that. Thyme is a gateway into a new reality. We may need its support in staying resilient, healthy, honest, and breathing through the multiple changes unfolding as we shift into new paradigms.

Grandmother Thyme will expand your view on time and hence your reality if you invite her to teach you.  She is a herb for these unfolding times we are in.

 Heidi Wedd runs various circles and online courses in shamanic herbalism, herbal alchemy & plant spirit communication.  Author of ‘Wild Flower Walker: A Pilgrimage to Nature on the Bibbulmun Track’, she is passionate about reawakening and deepening our innate connection with Nature. Her history is deeply embedded with plants, herbalism, homeopathy and midwifery.

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