365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World


by Pierre Pradervand

To bless ones enemies seems like something out of the good book, mostly the Old Testament, but in reality it is something we, as living, breathing, feeling, people on this earth, need and should be able to do, simply as an everyday essential of life.

Perhaps the world would be a far better and greater place; perhaps you as a person would reflect the same and by action and word, make a difference to those around you.

Pierre Pradervand had a job he loved and enjoyed taken from him in cruel and unjust manner, leaving him a far more than devastated. It left him feeling a deep and obsessive resentment towards those he had worked and socialised with, as he slowly began to understand exactly what had happened and who had created this appalling situation.

Meditation, prayer, affirmation and much more was not helping his mental anguish. It was not until a line from The Sermon on the Mount leapt off the page, ‘Bless those who curse you,’ that he could and almost instantaneously saw a way forward, immediately beginning to bless everyone he met, saw or spoke with and continued to do so as he says, ‘day in, day out,’ until it became a natural occurrence.

He also discovered that once again, almost instantaneously he felt as if a great weight had been lifted from him and a feeling of peace and joy began to permeate his life. Good things began to happen and continued to do so, creating in his life an abundance of joy and happiness.

In this work he shares his journey and the blessings he has created for the 365 days of the year. Each of the Blessings come with a note of explanation, with a particularly enjoyable one to commence this refreshingly new way of viewing the world, being Day 2 Blessing Myself, something we often forget to do in or busy lives.  As Pradervand says, ‘it is particularly difficult to really love and bless others from the heart if we do not start with loving ourselves’.

Each day has a different Blessing to commence with, ranging from an Apache Blessing for Newlyweds to a Taxi Drivers Blessing, An Irish Blessing for Times of Sorrow and on Day 247 Seeing the Day with Fresh Eyes. There are far too many to choose from but there is definitely something there for every occasion.

As the book slowly unfolds, the idea of blessings being freely given becomes a very normal consciousness, costs nothing at all and can be carried out at any time, any place and for anyone which will bring rewards that are rich and wonderful.

Pradervand is at pains to point out this is not a trick; it is something that must and needs to come from the heart, to be truly believed. Day 356 is The Last Word on Walk Your Talk which is a beautiful way to conclude what could, can and will be, not just life changing but world changing in its pure simplicity and power.

Enjoy the moment when you realise life really is a case of ‘my heart is covered with honey’ a traditional response from the Moba of North Togo when asked how they are!


ISBN:  9781785357299 Publisher:           JOHN HUNT PUBLISHING

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Book reviewed by Jan Mawdesley from Bluewolf Reviews,

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