Amazing Revelations about the Divine Intelligence of Water, Astrology and Human Evolution


Conscious Living Magazine June Issue  


Editor’s Pick – Spiritual Awakening

Does Water Have Divine Intelligence?  Pam Gregory and Zac –  Watch this video


What’s Making News in Health

Super Food of the Month -6 Amazing Benefits of Moringa


conscious living magazinePersonal Growth

Tips to Unlock Energy Pathways through Chakra Meditation by Debbie Paull



June Brings Excitement, Communication, and New Beginnings by Rachel Lang


Harnessing the Energizing Power of the Horse: Chinese Astrology for June by Michele Castle



 Global Meditation for World Peace




What do Trees Have to Teach Us? by Matt Toussaint



Global Online Community Event and Film Premiere 

Where Olive Trees Weep: Unveiling the Struggles and Resilience of the Palestinian People   June 6 – 27. This profoundly moving Film featuring Dr Gabor Mate premieres, at a 21-day Online Event with talks hosted by  Zaya Benazzo, Maurizio Benazzo, and the SAND team.

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Dr Sandra Cabot’s Seminars June Gold Coast & Maroochydore




Learn How to Muscle Test with Sarah Westerway – Second Saturday of each month



Sharing Values for Betterment Workshop June 26 Bentley Community Centre.



Festival of Love,  Sunday, July 21,  at the Cannington Exhibition Centre and Showgrounds!



Books and Music – BlueWolf Reviews

reality🕮 Clearing A Way: Unveiling the Mental Tricks that Hide Reality by Trevor Griffith



🕮 Ending Body Burnout: Find Your Spark by Filipa Bellette. PHD




♪ Send Love To Everyone: Heal the Divide by the The Song Gardeners



♪ Stargazing by Frolin and Mangus

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