Does Water Have Divine Intelligence?  Pam Gregory and Zac


Here is a channelled conversation between Pam Gregory and Zac, an aspect of the Ascended Master Djwal Khul about astrology, evolution and water.

Does water have divine intelligence? How is humanity affected by solar flares and magnetism?   What are the implications for our evolution and the emergence of the New Human

Pam Gregory has been involved with astrology for 45 years, it is her passion to help people. She sees astrology as a profound and sacred language of geometry and meaning that helps us to see the bigger picture. Her interest lies in seeing astrology in the context of our spiritual journey, and how new astrological discoveries are expanding our view of our life on Earth. Read more go to

Zac is an aspect of the Light Master Djwhal Khul, who is one of the ascended masters channelled by Hazel and Janet. Djwhal Khul reveals your potential and illuminates the grounds of growth and transformation, embodying harmony and strength. Like a tranquil river, he guides you towards your true purpose. With his wisdom as your compass, you can conquer any challenges.

In Zac’s Portal, you will be able to tap into a huge library of wonderful free monthly ‘Zac Chats with Q&A’s’ and a membership group providing access to much more in-depth monthly Deep Dive conversations and Janet and Zacs’ extraordinary multidimensional Meditations/Activations.

Many of the meditations assist with our physical and emotional health and the new abilities he helps us enhance. Janet, Hazel and Zac would love for you to join and receive the energy and wisdom he transmits through  zacsportal

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