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Healy Resonance Plus Frequency Device

This portable wearable holistic frequency device, The Healy Resonance Plus Edition incorporates a uniquely personalized quantum sensor that can measure and analyze the frequencies or energy patterns in a person’s body. It can also analyze the aura. Based on this analysis, the quantum sensor provides feedback and delivers specific frequencies to help restore balance.


The Healy is a portable wearable holistic device that utilizes frequencies to support health well-being and many other areas of your life.  The Healy is controlled by your Apple or Android smartphone via an APP.

The Resonance Plus Edition comes with Healy Individualized Microcurrent (IMF) program groups for harmonization of your Bioenergetic Field. As well, the Healy Resonance Plus Edition has the capability of sending frequencies into the information field. It has the additional feature to conduct Health and  Aura scans and analysis and balance the chakras. It also comes with the Coaching Module.

The Resonance Plus Edition comes with 124 frequency programs and 4 Modules

 Gold Cycle
Bioenergetic Support + Coherence
 Expert Program page
 HealAdvisor Search Module
(The HealAdvisor Search Module will be added to each edition in the first week, free of charge)
 Bioenergetic Harmony 1
 Bioenergetic Harmony 2
 Mental Balance
 Meridians 1
 Meridians 2
 Local Stimulation
(Local Stimulation includes Program I)
 The Power of Three
 HealAdvisor Analyse Resonance Module
 Deep Cycle H
 HealAdvisor Analyse Aura Module
 HealAdvisor Analyse Success Coach Module

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