Harnessing the Energizing Power of the Horse: Chinese Astrology for June by Michele Castle


As June unfolds, a significant shift in energy embraces all twelve Chinese zodiac animals. The Horse Month brings the supportive and empowering presence of the Victory Star, helping us to wave goodbye to the sickness energies that lingered in May. This transition heralds a period of renewed vigour and opportunity for each zodiac sign as unique influences shape their fortunes and perspectives throughout the month.

 Chinese Zodiac Overview

Every sign will experience distinct energies impacting various aspects of their lives this month, from career advancements to personal relationships and overall well-being. The powerful dynamics at play offer a fresh start and the chance to harness positive forces, paving the way for success and prosperity that is within your reach.

Join us as we delve into each Chinese zodiac sign’s specific energies and prospects in June 2024. Discover intriguing traits, gain insights into upcoming challenges and opportunities, and learn predictions for luck that will guide you through the month ahead.

Rat  Be aware that this month’s energy can cause emotional discomfort. It is essential to look after your safety and well-being during this time. As money energy is unstable, you must be cautious when investing; hasty decisions should be avoided. A short vacation will be beneficial.

Ox If you have undergone recent changes, your energy may take longer to recharge. Setting clear intentions can accelerate this process and gain momentum towards your goals. Anticipate the potential for additional income or profits.

Tiger This month holds significant power that will increase your chances of productivity and success. Approach change with confidence as you enter a phase of abundance. Work will be fruitful, and profits and gains are indicated. Partnerships are poised to flourish.

Rabbit The energy of this month prompts you to contemplate your life journey. Are you aligning with your dreams and goals? As the month progresses, you will have the opportunity to revisit events that you have temporarily set aside. Prioritise networking, as expanding your circle of contacts is essential now.

Dragon The energy of this month is calmer and favourable. It is a reasonable period if you plan to push new ideas and products. Plans you previously put on hold can now be revived, but exercise caution and meticulously review all documents before putting your signature on the dotted line. This is an excellent time to formulate practical plans for the rest of the year.

Snake This month’s stable energy will give you a more positive outlook. Confidence and embracing flexibility without compromising focus will be vital in navigating any unforeseen twists. Financially, the energy suggests stability, and it is an excellent time to review your financial plans.

Horse It is an excellent time to review your dreams and hopes. If you have been disappointed with an aspect of your life that has not been working for you, be careful of whom you put your trust. Workwise, there are indications that you will be let down this month. You should also beware that events can take twists and turns before reaching outcomes.

Goat This month holds promising energy for you. Whether mapping out your career path or setting long-term goals, dedicating time to envisioning your future can be highly beneficial. In your professional life, you can expect to experience a positive phase with supportive people around you.

Monkey Patience and persistence are needed this month, especially when dealing with work or business projects. The financial outlook is unstable, and it is essential to manage your spending wisely. This is also not the best time for partnerships or collaborative ventures.

Rooster You might find it hard to move forward as life tugs you in two distinct directions. To help yourself, you could use this time to reconnect with your passions, nurture your relationships, and invest time in self-care. Maintaining a positive outlook and staying focused will help you.

Dog At the workplace, adopt a positive outlook to tackle any obstacles that come your way. Lowering your expectations can help manage disappointments and foster a more balanced perspective. New opportunities for meeting new people or forming new relationships are indicated, so stay open to these possibilities. Someone may bring you unexpected good news that can brighten your journey.

Pig Emotionally, you might feel a bit stifled. To pursue a career change, be more proactive and take initiative. Expect tougher competition in business, particularly in retail. Short work-related trips are likely. Stay open to opportunities and be prepared for challenges.

Michele Castle has been a Feng Shui practitioner-consultant for more than 2 decades. Trained by Master Raymond Lo of Hong Kong at the Feng Shui Centre in Perth, Western Australia. She is a published author of several books on Feng Shui and a Public Speaker. Michele teaches Feng Shui courses and workshops for beginners and practitioners alike and offers Feng Shui Retreats in Bali and WA and consultations. To connect with Michele click on this link.  https://www.consciouslivingdirectory.com.au/australia/michele-castle/western-australia

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