Holistic Wellbeing for Our Animal Friends


Our pets are more than just animals – they’re our best friends and trusted companions. We strive to give them the best life possible, full of the love and care they deserve. Caring for our pet’s happiness and health is a top priority. As an animal lover, pet owner, or veterinarian, you strive to provide animals with the best care and love they deserve!

Though often invisible to the naked eye, bioenergetic imbalances can silently affect a pet’s state of being. It is crucial to act before these imbalances escalate and lead to discomfort.

Recognizing the need to support our pets and the deep bond we share with them, Healy World introduced the HealAdvisor Animal Module. This solution combines the best microcurrent frequency application for animals in a dedicated program group that consists of the 12 most popular and commonly used Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs.

The HealAdvisor Animal Module provides a solution to address what your animal is going through like never before.

In a recent study conducted by Healy World on the HealAdvisor Animal Module, the participants assessed their pet’s well-being with an average 19% increase. Pet owners also reported improvements in various concerns had improved by 82% on average.

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