Clearing A Way: Unveiling the Mental Tricks that Hide Reality


The title Clearing A Way; Unveiling the Mental Tricks that Hide Reality is intriguing, as in today’s world we, the seekers, are all wondering what is considered reality.

So much information is available on what so many consider as reality, it is somewhat difficult, if not completely confusing, to discover a pathway through the myriad of words, to form any considered opinion about reality.

In Clearing A Way, Trevor Griffith takes a detailed look at how the mind works, why it creates an ‘alternate universe’ and what can be done to discover, if that is what you so desire, the real reality.

Comprehensive and detailed this is no easy work to read, more of a detailed course to begin with in Neuroanatomy, followed by Mind Consciousness, then what he considers ‘Informenery’, eventually moving onto consideration of a Quantum Gravity which in itself is a serious alternate thinking.

Griffith considers the old framework of thinking, the structure of societies and so much more that is almost obligatory, and has been for centuries, is beginning to crumble. The way forward is to change thinking, change thought patterns and allow fresh consciousness to renew and restore life.

Philosophers have over the century’s posited theories of something similar, but in Clearing A Way, Griffith takes this one step further, by establishing a framework that journeymen can use to disperse emotions that are damaging, leaving the mind open to receive Divine Love, from ‘The One Who Cares’ which will commence the healing the World so desperately requires.

Alternate, controversial and very detailed, perhaps written more for Academia than the everyday man, Clearing A Way is well worth taking the time to read as when you consider what is on offer for the future, a differing thought pattern on living life in today’s world is long overdue.

Publisher         O-Books/ John Hunt Publishers.
ISBN               978-1-80341-289-4
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Review By Ian Banks

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