Send Love To Everyone: Heal the Divide by the The Song Gardeners


Simple words and a simple melody create a powerful message delivered by Song Gardeners Mary Gospe and Corrie Dunn in their latest single release Send Love To Everyone.

Reminiscent of the 1960s and ’70s peace movement, when the folk ballad style of protest song became popular, many singers and songwriters used the power of music to send a strong message for peace and love in the world of then: it is truly a sorry reflection that there is still the need to put into the healing vibration of music, what is now a time old plea for World love.

Mary Gospe and Corrie Dunn have created a delightful style in what could be considered a Folk New Age Pop Fusion in this multi-layered single of blended harmonies and gentle instrumental additions.

The words, ‘Send love to everyone. We heal the divide when we stop taking sides,’ are in the form of a mantra that can be used at any time of the day, with the entire set of lyrics, also able to be used as a form of longer meditation or chant.

The first verse was sent to Mary during meditation, the second was written by Corrie to compliment the sentiment sent from the Divine. Zach Gospe has added layering and additional vocals; with Mike Gospe on mandolin, James Butler on percussion and David Schreiber on synth and guitar.

Send Love To Everyone is a must-add to your collection.

Released           May 2024
Artists              The Song Gardeners. Mary Gospe and Corrie Dunn.
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Review By Janet Mawdesley

Single: “Send Love to Everyone (Heal the Divide)”
Released May 17, 2024

In this time of global chaos and war, The Song Gardeners’ New Age Pop single, “Send Love to Everyone (Heal the Divide),” is a call to open arms and open hearts. 

Send love to everyone, send love to everyone
no matter what they have done
Send love to everyone  

We heal the divide when we stop taking sides
We heal the divide when we stop taking sides

Send peace to everyone, send peace to everyone
Open your heart, hold out your hand
Send peace throughout the land.

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