Wild Love by Kiera Lindsay

Adelaide Ironside

Adelaide Ironside’s ambitions as the first Australian artist astonish the world! 

It is thrilling to discover another female artist, born in Sydney in 1831, whose works have been largely unknown. Kiera Lindsay has researched tirelessly to produce a faithful record of Adelaide Ironside’s achievements, but also a detailed picture of the times.

Her recreation of the atmosphere, people and places of Sydney, England and Rome are extraordinary. She has captured the passion and talent of this young Australian woman. Adelaide and her mother although not well-to-do, were able to visit places and people to extend their dreams.

Even as a young child, Adelaide showed an incredible talent. She had a very active mind and was writing poetry as well as painting from an early age. Some of her art was described as “Wonders,” as she depicted “The glories of her native Australia.” But this young woman had a dream, and that was to go to Rome and study under the famous artists there.

Following that she wished to return to Sydney and share her knowledge with like-minded artists.  Her mother Martha was also an artist and her support. Martha travelled with Adelaide who became known to many people overseas for her passion and talent.

The shame of this is that Adelaide died at a young age. Her art was stored in a shed where it deteriorated to such a degree that some of it was lost. When it was rediscovered, the art needed extensive renovations, but this has ensured that Adelaide Ironside’s work is acknowledged as the work of a brilliant artist; her name is as well-known as many of those of her time.

The author of Wild Love has spared no details in outlining the life of this brilliant woman. Her depiction of the early colonial days of Sydney is also amazingly well documented and referenced.

Author                                                Kiera Lindsay
Publisher                                            Allen and Unwin
ISBN                                                     9781760296759
Website                                              https://www.allenandunwin.com
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