Conscious Living September Magazine


Welcome to September and the joy of new beginnings. Change is in the air as there are several planets in retrograde – this month will see positive change and letting go of what is no longer needed.


Communication and Balance – September  Astrology column by Rachel Lang

Synthetic Biology – The Future of Food? 
You will have seen the new vegan meat products in the supermarket and may be keen to try them. Will the synthetic nature of these new food items bring with it future health challenges?

Dr. Zach Bush on Humans and Germs: ‘It’s Not Us Versus Them’

A reset on the way we think of germs and viruses – Dr Zach Bush believes that they are essential for our existence.

Your Guide To Soul Contracts And Destined Relationships

Have you felt like you have known a stranger all your life on the first meeting? Perhaps you are remembering a Soul Contract.

Gamer Rage in Children and their mental health

Beyond EMFs – Bioplasmic Radiation – The Hidden dangers of exposure to EMFs that are not often talked about much less understood by most people.

Landcare Farming Award – Celebrating WA Win

We celebrate with Silvia Leighton and Peter McKenzie for winning the 2022 Landcare Farming Award.

Unconditional Love and Journey of Awakening Rick Archer brings us a terrific interview with Alaya Dickinson who shares how she found unconditional love on her journey of awakening.

Braco Live Gazing – Online September 5-7 Braco’s live gazing is distinctively natural and simple, yet profound in its enriching and loving effects on lives.

The Art of Motivation Kez Wickham-St George shares her life-changing experiences with a positive mindset

Gratitude Revealed  – Luna Cinema Leederville and Luna on SX will be screening the enlightening Film from September 21.  Conscious Living is giving away 4 double passes to subscribers to see the film.

REVIEWS –  BOOKS & MUSIC by Janet Mawdesley

True Friends – Friendship comes under the microscope, or rather the keyboard of award-winning author Patti Miller

Get Moving Keep Moving  Healthy aging and how physical activity loves you back!

Positano Songs –  Will Ackerman

Ubiquity –  Evenfall Feat is Primal and Sensual

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