Get Moving Keep Moving:


Healthy ageing and how physical activity loves you back!

Gordon Spence was like most people, physically active as a young man, playing sport, running and generally enjoying life. As he grew into adulthood and further study he slowly slipped away from his love of running, gained weight, lost fitness, accepting that feeling of sluggishness was par for the course. Until it wasn’t!

With a significant birthday looming, he realised something needed to change and after reviewing his past twenty years, realised that the main element missing from his personal health list was some regular form of exercise; his love of running had always been his ‘go to’ in times long past and perhaps, in spite of finding a number of reason why not, he should revisit this and get fit once again.

Get Moving, Keep Moving is a genuinely excellent book setting out, but not preaching, the many aspects of growing older, or ageing, and why it is of vital importance, perhaps more so than ever before, to get fit and stay fit if you want to live a happy, healthy and active older lifestyle.

Part One He uses his father as a role model; a man who was always and still is a very active man, the ‘Dad’s Army’ Rowing crew average age of 70 something years young and a number of younger people who made the step into ‘moving it’ for a variety of reason, all with the underlying commonality of ageing in a healthy and fit manner.

Spence states very clearly this is not a book about running; it is not, but it is a book about seeking out ways of getting back into healthy. Set out in three parts with Part one focusing on the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) staggering figures that by 2050 there will be 2.1 billion, yes billion people, on this earth over the age of 60 years.

It looks at what is considered to be, by WHO, The Decade of Healthy Aging’, as something we all need to a take on board and begin to look at a more positive way of making the most out of living your life well.

Part Two The Health Activation Process looks at HOW, by using the simple process of Reflect, Project, Inspect and Connect. Simple but very effective. Naturally Part Three Living in the Future is of great concern to all, especially as one reaches a substantial figure of years, which for many seems a long way off, but in reality is not.

The four gentlemen who have contributed to chapter 8 are the ‘Dad’s Army’ Rowing crew, each one a fit, healthy and active 70 something years, and still enjoying good physical and mental health. That says a lot for making the effort and ‘Moving it or Loosing it’ as is the saying.

Gordon Spence has delivered a bible of common sense, aimed primarily at the 50-60 year age range, which will help people help themselves, by finding the connection to an activity that will keep them mentally, socially and physically engaged and fit, right into their seriously engaged older years.

Get Moving, Keep Moving is definitely the way to head into healthy wellbeing as the aging process continues ever onward. Get your copy and begin to age well right about now!

Author                                             Dr Gordon Spence
Publisher                                         Mindtrek Coaching Services Pty Ltd
ISBN                                               978-0645174250
Distributor                                      Longueville Media

Review By Janet Mawdesley 


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