Primal and deliciously sensual, Ubiquity floats out of the speakers, ethereal and beautiful, offering a musical voyage, not overly lengthy at seventeen minutes, but refreshing and delicate, soft and soothing.

Cass Anawaty, Sherry Finzer and Will Clipman have combined their formidable talents to create a work of gentle beauty, using the ambient element overlayed with low flute and percussion which offers a lovely synchronicity of sound commencing with the gentle, almost hesitant Luminous Depth; apiece in which to simply lose yourself.

Eye of the storm is a more uptempo piece which offers a deep pulsating beat with some very intricate synth notes holding the rhythm, before the flute and percussion arrive to create sense of movement, of travel, almost a sense of excitement, of waiting for something long desired to arrive. The choice is yours. This is your journey.

A far more active and almost ‘bustling’ song is Terra Incognita; perhaps the long awaited moment has arrived, a new beginning much anticipated is commencing. This song captures that element of excitement with a light infusion of flute offering a catchy rhythm to the abstract percussion and threaded synth.

Ubiquity arrives and with it comes a raft of meaning, of omnipotence, of a being everywhere, all pervasive, almost a sense of immediacy as the sound wraps around, fills the ether, creates a sense of wellbeing, of having arrived at a place where everything or anything can be possible.

Beautiful, uplifting and gently soothing Ubiquity is perfect for simply taking a little time out to simply be in the moment, to recharge and refresh.

Website                                 https://evenfallofficial.bandcamp.com/album/ubiquity
Distributor                             Heart Dance Recordings
Released                                June 2022
Artists                                   Evenfall featuring Will Clipman.

Review By Janet Mawdesley


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