The Magic of Inclusion:


Give People A Chance and Watch Them Shine
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Julie Fisher’s first book, “The Unexpected Journey”, opened a new world for many of us. When learning that their unborn child had Down Syndrome, the family needed guts and determination to create the best life possible for him. In her second book The Magic of Inclusion she looks at what comes next.

They needed to educate us that a worthwhile, loving, and trusting soul had every right to a normal life. Julie fought and created solutions for problems as they arose. Supported by her husband Mick, and her older children, the fears, and hardships they predicted were managed. There was support at kindy, and at school, but what of the later years, as Darcy progressed?

The young man wanted to join a music group and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. One day, the group had to play their instrument and then pass it to the next person. The neighbouring mother looked at Darcy and walked around him to give it to another child. Julie packed up and left, not making a fuss, but she never returned.

How devastated she must have felt. How little it would have taken for that mother to have included Darcy. This is her battle! Ignorance and ill-informed people prevent inclusion on all levels.

The Magic of Inclusion has been written in a series of mini-chapters with experiences and examples of how as a society, we can and should do better. There are so many positive examples of kids at school supporting Darcy to learn the rules of games, and suggestions for us to “Always see the person first.”  This book shines a powerful light on how, with a generous heart, and thoughtful mind, we can include them with a smile: so simple, and so effective, this is where love begins.

Author            Julie Fisher.
Publisher        Julie Fisher & Ultimate World Publishing (24 Mar. 2022)
ISBN              9781922597533

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