The Art of Motivation


Kez Wickham-St George shares how changing your mindset is key to changing your life.

I found it took me a few years to develop a habit of waking up feeling grateful for the safe haven I call home, for good food, and clean water all at my fingertips. This realization of gratitude changed everything.

In order to be more productive, I began to develop a mindset where I stopped watching the news, only listening or reading to the positive thoughts of international health and wealth entrepreneurs. Their mindsets were completely different from what I was being told by my DNA – that I was female therefore my future was obedient daughter, wife, child bearer, or as my mother once quoted ‘your father’s home is his castle. In other words, women were kingmakers and history seemed to prove her opinion right.

When I decided this was not for me I wanted to be an equal, not a 60/40 arrangement. How very interesting are the judgments that are made when you rock the boat!    I soon became the family black sheep and a social outcast finding myself alone, many times the uninvited one, as my thoughts on equality were mashed into the ground by naysayers. I knew you can’t buy or trade the respect I craved. However, I had a very strong mindset. My inner core screamed ‘follow your path – this is who you are, bending to others’ beliefs or mindset will not bring you what you believe in’.

A Journey of Self-Belief

It was then that my journey of self-belief began. In every corner of my life, I spoke with passion about motivation: How to motivate yourself and others. How stinking thinking can destroy you. As I practised this way of thinking it seemed to irk some people.  But I was determined that what I preached in every breath, I firmly believed.   If  your Self-belief is anchored deeply in your heart, not your mind, then you are on your way. My advice is to read any book on motivation and self-innovation. That is where I began.

As a teacher, I began to motivate my students. Every morning I wrote a positive saying on the whiteboard, and then for the first hour, we took apart each word to understand what it meant. Little by little the thirty students In the classroom began to bring in their own positive sayings. It was working.

What Positive Mindset Does  

I then began to study the physical effects of what mindset and motivation did to one’s body. It seems a positive word can set off the dopamine response ( the feel-good hormone that is not caused by chemical abuse of any sort). All the research pointed to keeping a positive mindset. Knowing that every day you were setting yourself up to feel good. When anything awkward or unhappy cruised into my life I was armoured, fully prepared to look it face on and make wise decisions, not angry knee-jerking ones.

In time I noticed my siblings and my family were becoming less critical of my values and mindset positivity. They and my friends recognized I had become a better teacher, sibling, wife, mother, and friend because of my daily practice, of changing my mindset to gratefulness first. The other positive attributes are learning to speak your truth, be kind, and walk away from opinions that do not serve you. The mind is a marvellous muscle, let’s flex it to believe and achieve.

Kez Wickham St George is an award-winning #1best selling author, Kez has had a movie made from her last novel Scribe. She is a prolific writer with 2 trilogies, poetry, and a children’s book that resides with two Royal families plus 2 standalone novels.


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