Your Guide To Soul Contracts And Destined Relationships


Do you feel like it’s time to deepen your knowledge of how destiny may be influencing your life?

Why do certain characters keep coming back into your life? Why do you have the sensation that you’ve met this person before when you’ve just met them? Whether you’re new to learning about spirituality and New Age practices,  or you’ve visited a psychic medium for years, you may have come across the concept of “soul contracts.”

What are these contracts, and what do they mean for you? You probably have many questions! Consider a few common types of soul contracts, and book a session with me if you’d like to learn more about how these soul contracts apply in your life.


A soul contract is another term for an agreement made before your birth — before you entered the world as a physical being — about the relationships you’ll have during your life. You played a part in creating this contract, but you likely have no memory of this. You made agreements with other souls, decided what lessons you wanted to learn in this lifetime, and considered how and where you wanted to spend your time with these people.


You and other souls meet and come to various agreements before your incarnation into the physical realm. We work together to help each other become our best selves, so you’ll help fulfill others’ soul contracts just as they assist you with yours.

It’s possible to only have a few soul contracts or several depending on what you and others decided upon before incarnation. You likely have more than one, and you may intuitively know how to recognize these people even if you’re not sure of their purpose in your life.


If you die before you’re supposed to leave the physical world, your soul contracts will automatically be broken. This, however, is uncommon. Another way to break a soul contract is by speaking with your higher consciousness and navigating the parts of your spirit that you don’t have access to in your conscious life.

Remember that you had a hand in creating your soul contracts, and it may not benefit you if they’re broken prematurely. Instead, focus on learning what you need to learn from these relationships and strive to release or fulfill the contracts. This will support your growth and evolution on this planet in this lifetime.


You may not know how to identify a destined relationship, but there’s a good chance that you can already pinpoint these people in your life when you use your intuition. For example, have you ever felt like someone just “got” you? Conversely, have you ever had a love-hate relationship with a coworker, only to realize that when they left their position, you wouldn’t be the same person without their influence in your life? These are situations in which a potential soul contract might have been at play.

I want to share three types of destined relationships and what they may look like in your life. Can you identify any of these contracts in your life? Can you identify the people playing roles in your soul contracts? Remember that you are probably fulfilling these roles in another person’s life, too.


Using the term “soulmate” for these soul contracts is a bit misleading, but once you understand the meaning of this type of contract, it will make more sense. Popular culture tells us the soulmate is a destined romantic partner, however, the soulmate can be a lover or a sibling, parent, friend, or co-worker.

This person is in your life to teach you a lesson — to help your soul grow, blossom like a lotus flower, and thrive. Growth is often painful, and soulmate relationships don’t always have happy endings. If someone is your soulmate, you may experience the relationship with equal parts passion, pain, love, and hate. Once you learn what you’re supposed to learn from this person, the contract is fulfilled.


This is the person who really gets you, who you have an unspoken rapport with, and who you always “feel” energetically even if they’re not around. As with soulmates, twin flames can be best friends, siblings, or romantic partners. You may sustain a lasting, lifelong relationship with your twin flame, or you may keep running into them at different points in your life. You’re tied to each other. You probably feel more whole when you’re around this person and incomplete without their presence in your life.

Some people confuse intense chemistry or unrequited love with twin flame connections but in my experience, twin flame relationships have a focus and direction. There’s considerable creative energy between the two. Be careful not to confuse obsession with twin flame connection!


Close your eyes and imagine a ball rolling down a sidewalk. If someone gently kicks it, it’ll start traveling in a new direction. This is similar to a bump contract. These soul contracts aren’t made to stick around in your life forever, but they serve a singular purpose: to be the force that moves you into the spot where you’re supposed to be.

They might be someone you know, but often their appearance in your life seems random. You may most often recognize this type of contract when you look back on the experience and see how drastically your life has changed since your encounter with them.


Soul contracts aren’t always pleasurable. In fact, some of them are tortuous experiences. If you’ve ever been in an abusive relationship, feel like you can’t leave a job with a terrible boss, or feel trapped in a cycle of self-loathing, loneliness, and hatred of others, you may be working through a negative contract you’ve made with yourself. Much of the work involved in releasing these negative contracts centers on untangling how they have affected you and learning to be more aware of your spiritual self and what it needs.


Are you trying to understand the meaning of a specific relationship in your life? Sometimes it can be difficult to understand its purpose while you’re still in the midst of a struggle or right after a relationship has ended. Perhaps you’ve been caught off-guard by a new person in your life and you’re trying to process how to handle a new friendship, work relationship, or romantic pairing.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to try to understand your soul contracts’ purpose. Browse my website and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you wish to learn more about your path forward and learn about how soul contracts are showing up in your life.

by Rachel Lang
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Rachel started her practice in 2006. Today,she maintains an international client base consisting of individuals, small businesses, and corporations. She helps clients understand and maximize the potential of their natal charts and so much more.

In addition to her client consultations, Rachel teach classes, write regular articles and horoscopes for the Omega Institute, LVBX, and Conscious Living. She leads meditation groups, teach workshops, and speak internationally on spiritual and astrological topics.


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