Want to Know How to Reduce your Monthly Expenses? May Magazine

Learn how to reduce your monthly living expenses and what are the best times to move forward according to your Astrology.


Want to know how to reduce your monthly expenses and why it is difficult to stop negative thinking?  Firstly when you read this May Magazine issue you will discover some great tips for saving that will make your budget stretch further.  Secondly, you will also learn more about how your thoughts are influenced by others and how to build lasting resilience in our Stinkin Thinkin article which explains how the brain is hard-wired for negative thinking.

How to Reduce Your Monthly Living Expenses

Tips to Cut your Monthly Expenses and Save Money

Why Your Brain is Hard Wired for Negative Thinking

Stinkin Thinkin – How Your brain is hardwired to think negative thoughts by Richelle Payne

Mother’s Day Breakfast Recipe

Remember to make your Mum feel special this coming Mother’s day and remind her of how she has helped to shape your life. So why not make this special breakfast recipe and share it with your family.

A Brekkie Recipe for Mother’s DaySMOKED SALMON, PARMESAN, CORN  AND LEMON FRITTERS by Guy Terland, celebrity chef, face of Bondi Harvest and owner of The Depot

Your Astrology Forecast for May

Rachel Lang’s May Astrology forecast reveals opportunities for moving forward and positive change.

Movement and Flow – May Astrology by Rachel Lang

A Time for Gratitude

With an election looming and world upheaval, it is a great time to find gratitude for what is good in our lives and to be ready to make new plans and choices. There is no better time to meditate and send intentional healing to Ukraine.

Global Meditation for Peace in Ukraine Audio

Free Listing for New Holistic Directory Members

New Holistic Community DirectoryOpen for New Members with a  FREE Listing Offer

Tips to Reduce Your Monthly Living Expenses

Tips to Cut your Monthly Expenses and Save Money

Book Reviews

Gardening for Everyone: Growing Vegetables, Herbs and More at Home by Julia Watkins

Reviewed by Jan Mawdesley ( Blue Wolf Reviews)

The Space Between the Stars   by Indira Naidoo  Reviewed by Jan Mawdesley ( Blue Wolf Reviews)

8 Conversations That Can Deepen the Relationship With Your Partner by Susan Scott reviewed by Merilee Kern

Music Reviews

by Jan Mawdesley ( Blue Wolf Reviews)

The Essence of Self by Solace Road

Out of the Mist by Mike Kopp and Tim Sadow

See More Book and Music Reviews at Blue Wolf Reviews

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