Conscious Living Holistic Directory Launches

A New Online Platform Showcases Australian Holistic Businesses


The Conscious Living Holistic Directory connects Australian Holistic Businesses with Consumers.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed in today’s online world of information overload. Often we’re not sure where to turn to find quality and ethical eco-friendly products.

To cut through this confusion has been our mission. And it has been our raison d’etre for publishing Conscious Living Magazine and presenting Conscious Living Expos over the past 33 years. We are passionate about connecting people with the best information, practitioners, authors, and speakers who can raise their health well-being, and spiritual consciousness.

Conscious Living Directory is a Trusted Place to find Holistic Businesses

That is why we have created a new digital platform to showcase Australian holistic practitioners, authors, and speakers. The Directory utilizes a community model based on user feedback.

Our Directory aims to maintain high standards of integrity, ethics, and trust.

Visitors can post their reviews of services and products. Firstly so they can contact our Members directly with any queries they may have. Secondly, so Members can be matched with visitor inquiries.

Conscious Living Directory Cuts Through Confusing Information

Our aim is to help people navigate the overwhelming information about holistic health care. The search function by location and by specialty makes it easy to find the best local practitioners to meet their individual needs.

Members can share with visitors useful information, expertise, and practical results from their holistic modalities and treatments through editorials.

Members’ articles will also be shared with our readers on the Conscious Living Magazine website.

Conscious Living Directory provides a Platform for Online Consultations

With more and more people using Zoom for consultations and sessions, we feature consultations with our Members on the Directory website.

Visitors can book online consultations with Members on the Directory website.

Conscious Living Directory has more ways to generate inquiries for Members

Members can advertise their products and courses on the Directory website in up to 10 categories. These include courses and events, products, special offers and coupons, classifieds, jobs, travel, and retreats.

It is a perfect time to join our community of highly skilled holistic practitioners and businesses in Australia.  Together we can co-create a healthier, more environmentally sustainable, and harmonious world. Take a look and join us!

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