The Essence of Self


The Essence of Self from Solace Road is a standout work in the field of Ambient Music which has been crafted with a fine attention to detail, as is discovered in the first track A Conscious Journey.   Various sound elements come together to transport into a world of inner seeking, each variation added to the underlying piano draws the mind to the temple bells of Asia, the sound of a woodland full of birds, a river flowing, the timeless nature of space, earthly and yet surreal.

The pace of the work is slow, drifting and captivating as Solace Road takes a journey to the unknown depths of who we are, or appear to be; seeking out the places that need to be gentled, relaxed and soothed, allowing the wanderer to discover how precious they are.

Encouraging deeper relaxation is the drifting, delicate The Light of I. Further into the journey is the robust Dreaming of a Distance which is a little more sombre, richer in tone with mysterious layers of deep meditation.

In Serenity is a singularly spare, beautiful piece which combines piano with the drone of synth, with a gentle layer of violin as the track develops, to deliver a very different vibe to previous pieces; as if serenity has been finally discovered, the marvel of peace within is being felt, refreshed and enjoyed with a light, delicate wonder.

Sweeping in is the title track The Essence of Self, a full bodied electronic space style piece that simply is what it is, encouraging further drifting into the unknown, the familiar and yet different spaces of self, whereas Wandering Skies could almost be considered as whimsical.

The Essence of Self is a work that flows from the beginning to the final track, Virtue of Reasoning which once again delivers a completely different element of sound, returning the wanderer to the earth; grounding is required which is done with the use of a clear sharp sound delivered with precise timing to a measured rhythm.

A delicate, perfectly balanced album of pure relaxation and introspection, The Essence of Self will refresh the soul, gentle the mind and be enjoyed time and time again.

Distributor                                      Solace Road
Released                                         February 2022
Artists                                              Solace Road

Review By Janet Mawdesley 

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