Out of the Mist


Out of the Mist is a refreshing collection full of light with a somewhat quirky overlay, that appears to emerge out of the mists of time, which for so long have been filled with doom and gloom.  

The duo of Mike Kopp and Tim Sadow combine guitar and violin to create some amazing sounds that certainly move the mists of time to some other place with a belting, catchy beat that adds yet another dimension to the combination of guitar and violin, which defines music is truly for everyone.

This is ably demonstrated in As the River Runs which segues from a modern, almost pop tempo to a classical rhythm, capturing the often idiosyncratic behaviour of a river rushing endlessly on its journey.

Song of the Circle sees the violin in full flight, creating a beautiful piece which leads to the wonder of where a circle begins and ends before Desperate Measures bursts out into a sound which simply rocks.

Tim Sadow gives a new dimension to violin bringing the sound out from ‘classical fustiness’ into a fresh new light, to what could loosely be described as Pop for a discerning generation! Mike Kopp adds to the belting, driving, captivating and often gentle rhythms, with his acoustic guitar and when required, some serious bass work.

Space Chatter is a notable piece in amongst an album of notable pieces, as it changes direction into what could vaguely be classed as world music. This piece is a wondrous collection of beats with possibly a Celtic influence, which verges into what could also be considered as a totally freewheeling jam session: with of course spacemen added! Pins and Needles simply rocks!

Not to be forgotten, a dash of romance is added with To Speak of Love, a slow, drifting song which floats into Questions for Winter, both pieces showcasing the more traditional aspects of two stringed instruments working seamlessly together to create a delicate and enchanting finale.

From A Kites Tales to Questions For Winter, Out of the Mist is a wonderful, eclectic mix that holds wide appeal. Hopefully Kopp and Sadow’s next work will not be too far distant.

Website                        https://timsadowmikekopp.hearnow.com/out-of-the-mist
Distributor                   Tim Sadow & Mike Kopp
Released                      January 2022
Artists                         Tim Sadow & Mike Kopp.

Review By Janet Mawdesley April 1, 2022, 8:08 Am

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