Movement and Flow – Astrology May 2022 by Rachel Lang


Powering-Up with a Solar Eclipse, the New Moon.

This month is a time of steady movement and grounded electricity. You can expect to feel like there is some movement, some sort of electricity or flow, in your life. For some at the beginning of the month, this may be a feeling of not knowing what to expect. For others, this may be a feeling of being excited about the possibilities. There is a feeling of movement and flow in all areas of life. Look for opportunities that you have been waiting for. When the planets align and the energy is right, these opportunities will be presented to you.

A word from Rachel:

We start May right after a powerful solar eclipse with the Taurus New Moon on April 30. The Moon formed a conjunction with Uranus, the planet of dynamic change and freedom. This month’s themes are grounded electricity and steady movement.

We’re in that two-week period between eclipses- the Solar on April 30 and the Lunar on May 15. Usually, eclipses shake things up in our lives. They indicate they fill us with the energy we need to make a life change. This eclipse featured a stellium of planets in Pisces, including a conjunction with Neptune, Venus, and Jupiter. We cannot underestimate the power of these planets all in their dignified signs. They’re standing close together, and I see them as a legion of angels. They’re present in this lunation to remind us of the palpability of magic in our lives. Can you feel it?

In the years I’ve been doing this work, I’ve noticed a pattern. There’s a build-up of energy right before a miracle occurs. Sometimes, we don’t know how to make sense of this energy, and we feel it as chaos. It can come as a big upset or disappointment. Maybe fear exposes itself, and we get triggered. Then, we work through the intensity. We come through the other side, open and ready for magic. That’s where we are during the first two weeks of May.

Jupiter enters Aries on May 10, where it will be until October. Jupiter in Aries signifies a time to act, a time to reinforce boundaries, and an expanded sense of initiative. We can see what we’re creating and moving toward.

Mercury stations retrograde that same day for its three-week cycle of reflection and recalibration. The combination of this influence and Jupiter in Aries could mean stops and starts.

The Sun in Taurus is a stable, grounding influence, but it’s important to avoid getting stuck. If you resist movement in your life, your body could take the brunt of that tension. With the South Node in Scorpio, we’re being asked to let go of one thing for something even better.

On May 21, the Sun enters Gemini, and we’ll really feel Mercury’s retrograde motion. A good reminder to back up your computer, upgrade any broken equipment, and get your tires checked.

Mercury retrograde under the Gemini Sun makes communication a big theme at the end of the month. What are you holding back? What have you been saying too much? Are you telling yourself and others stories that aren’t true? These are reflection questions to consider leading up to the start of this cycle.

On May 24, Mars enters its home sign, Aries. On the one hand, we have the motivation to start something new or to stay on course with anything we’ve been working toward. On the other hand, we feel more impatient with distractions.

The Gemini New Moon on May 30 closes out the month with a flurry of activity. With so much to do, you’re more aware of the limits of time and space. Mars meets Jupiter on May 29, an influence we’ll feel with this lunation. Focus on what brings the most joy.


What was happening in your life in 2010? What new beginnings were blossoming? Jupiter, the planet of expansion and faith, moves into your sign on May 10, ushering in a new 12-year cycle. You’ll recognize similar decision points as those in 2010, and you might have a second chance to realize a past dream. Take a moment to let it all sink in – new adventures await your invitation. Did I mention Jupiter’s influence restores hope and optimism? If you can dream it, you can find a way to make it happen.  

Venus moves through your sign from May 2 – 28, shining in a way that grounds your confidence. You’re reaching new levels of self-discovery, exploring the unconscious realm. You could uncover hidden talents, reconnect with your lost inner child, or discover something you weren’t ready to see before. 

On May 15, the lunar eclipse illuminates truth in a way that helps you integrate the past and restore peace in the present. Miracles often happen after periods of intense emotion — times that feel like chaos. Stay centered if you feel any such turbulence, trusting in the promise of magic on the other side. Mars enters your sign on May 24, offering a surge of energy for life and love. 

Mercury goes retrograde on May 10, and here’s your reminder to proofread everything you send, back up your computer, and be extra careful while driving. With Mercury in Gemini, your mind is like a radio signal, picking up on information and static. Tune out the distractions by being mindful of your information sources. 


Your sign rules the throat, and this month, it’s time to sing your heart out! Think of all the ways you can use your voice. The Sun is shining in your sign, and it’s a perfect time to be seen and heard. Mercury, the planet of communication, goes retrograde on May 10, and it’s a good time to refine your communication style. Try new ways of expressing yourself by giving voice to things you might otherwise hold in. 

We start the month between eclipses—the solar one in your sign on April 30 and the lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 15. These lunations prompt questions about giving and receiving. What is the flow of generosity in your closest relationships? Do you resist accepting gifts or support? As a Taurus, you’re generally the one upon whom others rely for help, but to whom do you turn in times of adversity? The lunar eclipse reveals new ways to open and trust. 

While the Sun is shining in your sign, celebrate all it means to be alive on this planet. Eat delicious food, enjoy laughing with friends, and spend time in nature. It’s your season, and an active Venus in Aries urges you outside from May 2 – 28. So, enjoy long walks in the park, lounge on the beach, and plant seeds in your garden. 

Jupiter enters Aries on May 10, signaling a time of creative expansion. Don’t worry about productivity; follow your muse. Creativity is self-generating. The more you give in to its playful curiosity, the more you resource it in all areas of your life. 

GEMINI (MAY 20 – JUNE 20):

As Mercury stations retrograde on May 10, you’re turning back the hands of time. You could revisit a decision you made when you had less awareness. Retrograde cycles give us a chance for a do-over. What will you commit to in exploring a new course of action? 

This retrograde cycle happens during eclipse season, those two weeks between eclipses from April 30 to May 15. Eclipses stir up the waves of the ocean and shift the plates underneath. Here in California, we have more earthquake alerts around eclipse time. We see more shake-ups in our personal lives, too. Water symbolizes emotions, and our feelings fuel the shifts in our lives. On May 10, those emotional waves are rocking, and you might not have context for all you’re feeling. Feel it anyway. Sink into the experience and write poetry, dance, sing your heart out, or create something beautiful. 

The month ends with a mind-expanding new moon in your sign on May 30. Think of it as your new beginning. You might be busy with graduations, weddings, or other festivities, but stop amid the busyness to reflect on what’s blossoming in your life right now. Beauty brings us closer to the divine. The recent losses in my life have shown me that we can find beauty and meaning even in trying circumstances– love always finds a way to shine through. So, regardless of the losses or celebrations happening in your life, I invite you to focus on the beauty. In doing so, you feel less alone and a little more nurtured by the presence of the divine. 


Your sign epitomizes the archetype of the mother. Reflect on this for a moment. What image comes to mind? What feeling moves in your heart? Regardless of our family constellations, we have people in our life who embody nurturing and care, even if they sometimes fall short in doing it the way we would like. Thinking of the archetypal mother, how can you be that for your inner child?

The lunar eclipse on May 15 moves us through emotional waves. Eclipses catalyze change in our lives, and your change is motivated by deep unconscious urges. It’s as if you can feel a call or an awakened sense of purpose without a clear definition for what that means. You’ve been through a lot recently (thanks to Pluto’s movement in your opposite sign). The changes you’ll make now are more subtle, like deciding to have a different attitude about a troubling situation. 

In relationships, notice when you’re withholding love because of resentment. What changes can you make right now to invite more joy into your life as the antidote to resentment? One of the gifts of your sign is you remember everything; one of the challenges is that memory can lead to scorekeeping in love. Mercury stations retrograde on May 10, inviting you to freedom through forgiveness. Mercury retrograde cycles can be bittersweet times because, in looking back, we remember both joy and loss.

Jupiter moves into passionate Aries on May 10, inspiring your enterprising spirit. Your career is about to branch out in new directions. When Mars enters Aries on May 24, you have the motivation you need. 

LEO (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22):

My cats cower in the closets when they hear the vacuum cleaner. How many times have they ever been hurt by the vacuum? None. Yet, they’re terrified of it. How often do we have unnecessary fear? Do we misinterpret something benign as a threat? Jupiter enters fire-sign Aries on May 10, and you’re about to level up in all ways. At the same time, we start the month in the two weeks between eclipses, from April 30 to May 15. Eclipses stir up the intensity, which might give rise to fear. Remember, we generate courage by moving through our fear. Those scary things may not be real threats. 

With Mercury retrograde from May 10 to June 3, communication could be more confusing in relationships, especially if you don’t feel understood by those you love. Ask for what you need, including enthusiastic responses and dramatic shows of support. Where are your cheerleaders? Be one for yourself, and others will follow. If you feel unseen, look at the subtle ways you might be hiding your light. Then, shine brighter.  

You have new visions for the future of your career, but the Sun in Taurus introduces some tension between competing needs for rest and achievement. If you don’t feel supported by those you love, you could lose enthusiasm for your creative vision.

After Jupiter enters Aries on May 10, be unstoppable in the pursuits that bring you the most fulfillment. Jupiter asks for your exuberance and expansion. Dream big. Mars slides into Aries on May 24, helping you cut through creative blocks and insecurities. Here’s your pep talk: follow your joy to experience your purpose. 


We start the month in the two weeks between eclipses—the solar eclipse on April 30 and the lunar one on May 15. You may feel shifting currents in your life. An adventure awaits, and the universe invites you to explore a new destination, take a risk, or make a life change. Rather than crafting a list of pros and cons, follow your intuition and see what unfolds. The Sun shines in Taurus until May 20, brightening your outlook so you can stay in a positive flow. Have faith by following the signs and synchronicities. 

“Don’t let the perfect stand in the way of the good,” one of my favorite professors used to say when I struggled with some aspect of my thesis. I offer the same message to you. Mercury stations retrograde on May 10, and you could feel confused about work projects or career direction. Sometimes, an imperfect step forward can clear the road and unblock your creativity. After May 20, the Sun in Gemini connects you to a deeper sense of purpose, allowing you to find more meaning in your work.

Communication is a focal point, and with Mercury in Gemini, you need to distinguish between information and noise. Be mindful of your news sources and avoid gossip. Slow down to understand others’ expectations. It could also be helpful to give yourself extra time when driving or meeting deadlines. We have a rush of enthusiasm with Jupiter in Aries balanced with the stabilizing Sun in Taurus. Rely on your daily self-care practices as if they’re the support scaffolding for accelerated spiritual growth. 


This year, I’ve started a garden, and those sprouts are beginning to grow. It’s exciting!! But other things are popping up. I didn’t plant – weeds. Intentions are like this. Sometimes, we plant unconscious intentions, like a disappointment that leads us on a new path or a chance encounter that awakens our hearts. I follow the law of correspondences and have learned there are no weeds (literal or metaphorical). Everything has a magical resonance. Eclipses show us the magic in all, and we have two of them —the solar eclipse on April 30 and the lunar eclipse on May 15. 

Venus is in Aries from May 2 – 28, and it’s a time for self-love, which means energizing your creative spark. Jupiter enters Aries on May 10, and you’ll want to be all things to all people, but self-sacrifice can lead to resentment. Be willing to say no. 

May is often a time for celebrations, and as the Sun enters Gemini on May 20, your social calendar fills up! The Gemini Sun keeps you busy, and travel is a strong possibility. You never know who you’ll meet on your adventures. It is a significant time in your life, and you could form lifelong and life-changing connections. 

May is a good time for career growth. You may be forming a whole new professional identity. Even if you are out of the workforce, you could revisit dreams or goals from your past or develop ideas about ways you wish to contribute. The lunar eclipse on May 15 inspires the courage to make a fresh start. 


Synchronicity reminds us that we’re a part of a collective psyche – a field of meaning and potentiality. If you see a feather on your path, run into a friend, or have a meaningful chance encounter, don’t shrug it off as a coincidence. Receive it as a spiritual sign. The Sun is your opposite sign, Taurus, and it meets up with the North Node destiny point. Your life could suddenly shift through a twist of fate. Be open to change; stay in awe. 

On May 10, Mercury goes retrograde, stirring up nostalgia. You might reconnect with people from your past or plan a reunion from May 10 – June 3. Try to maintain a balanced perspective if you start to glorify past relationships. You don’t need to move back in time to feel secure in the present moment.

The largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter, dips into fiery Aries on May 10, and it heats our passions. Jupiter’s influence helps us act with more courage. Leading up to this transit, think of how your daily habits reinforce your top priorities. What is the first thing you do when you wake up? How does that align with what you want your life to be? Now is the time to prioritize. 

Relationships are a focal point while the Sun’s in Taurus, making this a good time to fine-tune communication. In your closest relationships, are you withholding any truth? Do your loved ones know how you feel? You can model vulnerability in a way that helps deepen your heart connections. 


Think about your daily habits and routine. What are the top five ways you spend your time? What do those activities tell you about your purpose? It’s easy to think of our life story in terms of our most memorable experiences, but our everyday moments are defining, too. 

We start the month in the two weeks between eclipses. The lunar eclipse on May 15 follows the solar eclipse on April 30. They signify breakthroughs and shake-ups in your routine. I encourage you to commit to adding a few simple pleasures to make life more enjoyable and promote well-being. 

Mercury stations retrograde on May 10, taking you on an adventure back into your past. It might coincide with a reunion or reconnection with people from your past. It’s a time to revisit unfinished business. Mercury Retrograde cycles present us with second chances and do-overs. What would you like to review in your life right now? This retrograde cycle focuses on relationships. If you’re dissatisfied with your love life, it’s a time for healing and reimagining the possibilities for what love could be like now and in the future. 

With the Sun in Taurus, enjoy nature and the beginning of a new season. You can feel the currents of change moving in your life and the world, and change stirs up excitement. Jupiter moves into Aries on May 10, and you’re even more unstoppable. It’s time to test the limits of your potential. You could receive some incredible opportunities over the next several months; keep a positive outlook on your future. Luck is on your side.


The winds of change are blowing in your direction, which could mean an opportunity to settle into a new chapter of home and family life. You’re moving through a time of accelerated growth driven by self-awareness. We’ll see you leveling up in all ways. In the process, a few of your closest relationships could change. Stay open to evolution. 

In this magical time, you’re receiving messages delivered from the universe in surprising ways – through a conversation with a friend, a chance encounter, or a prophetic dream. On May 15, the lunar eclipse deepens your connections to the mysterious and wondrous. Allow yourself to have time for relaxation and play early in the month. Romance is a focal point of this eclipse.

Jupiter, the planet of faith, enters pioneering Aries on May 10, ushering in a time of decisive action. You’ve got courage and stamina with the Sun in stable Taurus. You know how to structure a plan for any goals, and with Pluto moving out of your sign next year, you’ll soon have an open road. 

The Sun enters Gemini on May 20, and you could be more inspired to shift your wellness routine. It would be a favorable time to start working with a trainer or nutritionist. 

You’re usually a good assessor of risk. This month, relieve some of the pressure by trusting in your inner wisdom for decision-making. Venus, the planet of beauty and harmony, enters Aries on May 2, making this a time to gather with family. The influence of Venus makes it easier to harmonize any differences. 


2022 has been a sprint, right? From February 3 to April 29, all planets have been going direct, indicating fast motion in our lives. This month’s energies slow things down, giving you a chance to integrate the changes that have taken place. We start the month in the two weeks between eclipses. The solar eclipse on April 30 opened our hearts and minds, and it set the tone for May. 

We feel on the edge of our seats during eclipse season, braced for a sudden change. The lunar eclipse on May 15 could mean a shake-up in one area of your life that ripples movement in all other areas. These are exciting times, and you could reach a career milestone or make a move. The doors you thought were closed swing open, quickening the timeline. Before May 15, take inventory of your life. Is there a chance you’ve been resisting? Let go of the grip of control; flow with it. 

On May 10, Jupiter enters passionate Aries and encourages you to speak your mind, but Mercury goes retrograde that day, leaving you tongue-tied. You’re holding contrasting outcomes and emotions all at once; you’re not confused. You’re becoming more expanded. Gather information, and let your mind explore possibilities it couldn’t see before. Solutions to some of the most challenging aspects of your life are within grasp. 

On May 20, the Sun enters Gemini and your fifth house of creativity, and you can discover hidden talents. In love, prioritize fun. Your happiness is a magnetic attractor.  


Before the lunar eclipse on May 15, open your heart, quiet your thoughts, and reach your outstretched palms to the heavens. Receive. In the Jewish mystical tradition, the yod represents the spark of divine energy that leads to creation. A few times in my life, I’ve seen visions of these raining down like flecks of light. I’m seeing this now as I write your horoscope. If you close your eyes, you might see it, too, this spectacular vision. 

This month, follow all intuitive hits, as they could lead you on an adventure to write a bestseller, sculpt a masterpiece, or start a new chapter in your life. 

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and faith, enters Aries on May 10, helping you materialize the best ideas you’ve dreamed of this year. Your finances are a focus this month as you learn to receive as artfully as you give. 

Your family could offer important news early in the month. You might have reasons to celebrate by the time of the new moon on May 30. If relationships with family members have been stressed or challenged, you could experience healing and hope after May 28. 

When the Sun enters Gemini on May 20, it shines a spotlight on your home life. If you are in a relationship, you and your partner could discuss changing your living arrangements. You will have clarity about relationship confusion after Mars enters Aries on May 24. Be aware of Mercury retrograde from May 10 to June 3. Over-communicate with your partner and loved ones. Let them know all the details. 


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