Conscious Living’s January Issue features Great Astrological Shifts 2024 to 2028


As we enter this new year may you find peace, and serenity in the simple pleasures of your life -Take time to laugh, share memories with family and friends, and take quiet moments for self-reflection.  Cultivate and share your generosity of spirit and compassion with those less fortunate than yourself, remembering that each day is a chance to express gratitude for what we often take for granted in our lives that cushion us from harsh realities that are confronting others at this time.

Let’s remember, that every day is a new opportunity to make a difference. Be the inspiration for others in the coming year. As we journey through 2024, let’s make kindness our legacy and strive to live our best life.

Enjoy this issue as we send it with our love, Jacquie and Patricia

January Issue 2024


Get Ready for These Great Astrological Shifts 2024 to 2028 – Richard Giles 

Welcoming in 2024 Look What’s Coming! – Rachel Lang January Astrology


 4 Simple Steps to Access Your Inner Knowing and Expand Your Consciousness– Jacquie Walker

Out of the Blue: Near Death Experience and Self Realisation Batgap interview with Mary Terhune and Rick Archer


Social Media May Damage Youth Brains – New Study Alarms Parents Dr Mercola

Alzheimer’s Natural Preventative Tips Martin Oliver Previously published in Conscious Living Magazine Print  Issue 97 2017


Meditate for a Peaceful Loving and Compassionate World

Eco Consumer-  Product Reviews


What Should We Believe? Major Shift About Raw Milk — Now a Health Food? DR Mercola 

Thrive: Tips and Insights from our  Holistic Directory Consultants

 Unveiling the Universal Secrets of Meta-Human – How our Bodies Evolve Antonia Rhul

January Chinese Horoscope – Month of the OX – Michele Castle

Coming Events

Books and Music Reviews by Blue Wolf

Our Family Dragon: A Lunar New Year Story  Rebecca Lim 

Eventually Everything Connects Sarah Firth 

Blue Rose by David Wahler 

Zero Gravity by David J Pena 

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