Transform Your Beliefs and Welcome Abundance


A Word from Inna Segal

Prosperity and our ability to co-create it and receive it – is often a huge topic. So much depends on your conscious and subconscious thought patterns and what your secret comfort zone is.

I remember interviewing a very successful author many years ago. He shared a story with me, that he always carries a large amount of cash in his wallet because it makes him feel abundant. I said, but what about if you lost it? He said, that he believed that if he did it – would come back to him within 48 hours.

I was impressed by his confidence and experimented by at times giving money to certain people and then asking that the universal Divine intelligence return this money to me within a short period of time, for the Highest Good of All! I was amazed by the incredible ways that prosperity would come back to me.

I then included a powerful process in one of my workshops where people who wanted to experiment, could bless an amount of money they had, give it to another student, and then focus on being open to receive more. It follows the principle that when we truly give from the heart and believe that we are worthy to have prosperity- it returns many folds. The results were incredible. One lady told me that her business literally increased 10 fold within a month.

It can also be very powerful to take the time to:
Write down what you truly believe being abundant would look like in your life.

For each person this is different.
Write down your beliefs about deserving to have those experiences, things, and people in your life that would make you feel abundant.

This is where you truly start to see what you are really projecting out into the ether.

Write down your deepest beliefs about money.

You can only make changes in your life when you first understand what you really believe about a situation. Your deepest beliefs will always show up as your reality!

Abundance doesn’t mean that all you think about is material things.

However, if you focus all your energy on lack and fear of not enough, your thinking will be taken over by everything you don’t have. This leads to a victim perspective.

A victim perspective breaks down your body – thus you may start to experience, a lack of energy, depression, anxiety, asthma, back pains, especially lower back, knee issues, headaches, heart problems, digestive ailments etc.

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