2024 New Year Astrology Promises Creative Possibilities and Manifesting Dreams


2024 carries the energy for creative possibilities, expansive plans and intentions. Follow your heart’s desire to manifest your dreams. It also takes some of us on a contemplative journey of introspection. Tap into the vibrant energy that is supporting you to tune in to your inner motivation and take action. I am excited. Jacquie Walker

The January NEW moon on the 11th  and FULL moin on the 26th.

Last Quarter
New Moon
First Quarter
Full Moon


Point of Interest: Did you know that  the Moon waxes and wanes differently in the Southern Hemisphere?

In opposition to the moon in the Northern Hemisphere, the moon in the Southern Hemisphere will illuminate from left to right, become full, and then diminish from left to right. A moon that’s illuminated on the left side is waxing, while a moon that’s illuminated on the right side is waning.

Astrology Terminology lunation (noun) lu·​na·​tion lü-ˈnā-shən is the period of time averaging 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 2.8 seconds elapsing between two successive new moons.  

Your January Horoscope by Rachel Lang



It’s time to embrace change and enter 2024, a year of creative possibilities. This month shows you how to accept the reality of your life, stop mourning unfulfilled dreams, and love the present moment. Your ruling planet, Mars, is in goal-oriented Capricorn, giving you the gift of focus and determination. The combination of presence and drive makes you a manifestation powerhouse!

Mercury stations direct on January 1, and remain in its post-shadow phase until January 20. Most people will enjoy a slow start to the year, but not you! Remember to pace yourself to avoid burnout. Also, give every correspondence a second proofread. Mercury is in fast-paced Sagittarius until January 13, which could mean typos or careless mistakes.

The New Moon on January 11 introduces the question of purpose. Meditate to discern the inner voice calling you to new destinations. Answer the call by activating the courage to make a change. Find your allies and connect with supportive groups. This lunar activation could kickstart the process if you’re contemplating a professional change.

On January 20, the Sun meets Pluto in Aquarius for one of the more significant transits of the year. Pluto’s entrance into the sign of the visionary and rebel starts a 20-year cycle that helps you see your place in the context of larger social spheres. The technology could play a more significant role in interacting with others, making it possible to forge new connections through social media.

Venus moves through Sagittarius until January 23, signifying love as an adventure. Ride out the uncertainty of a new romance. Prioritize honest communication in all relationships; Sagittarius is a truth-oriented sign. Trust your conversation partners can handle the truth.


Messenger Mercury concludes its retrograde journey on January 1. You’ve been steeped in introspection and personal growth for several weeks. As Mercury begins to move forward, you enter into January with a calm wave of understanding. It’s time to reassess your goals and fine-tune your intentions. Jupiter in your sign lends you its faith and optimism, allowing you to see more possibilities than before. What a way to start the new year!

The Capricorn New Moon on January 11 invites you on an adventure. Travel is a possibility early in the month. If leaving town is impractical, you might feel the urge to shake up your routine. See new horizons to expand your worldview.

This month calls for careful financial planning. As Venus enters risk-averse Capricorn on January 23, you might evaluate your spending habits. That said, purchases made now, especially in personal development or home environment, can have long-lasting benefits.

Your career takes a promising turn mid-month as the Sun and Pluto meet in Aquarius in one of the most significant transits of the year. You’ll feel Pluto’s influence as a driving force as it starts a new 20-year cycle. It asks you to embrace a new experience of power and introduces you to a flow of creative energy. Others will notice your newfound sense of authority; a promotion or public show could be on the horizon.

The Leo Full Moon on January 25 calls you into the cozy comfort of your home, leading you to ask how your living space could be more of a respite. Bring all four elements – earth, air, fire, and water – into balance. Harmonize your environment to restore inner peace.

GEMINI (MAY 20 – JUNE 20):

Fasten your seatbelt; 2024 takes you on a wild ride. It starts with this month’s whirlwind of energy. Pluto enters Aquarius on January 20, beginning a new 20-year cycle. The dwarf planet briefly appeared in the revolutionary sign from March to June last year. Events unfolding in your life at that time could cycle back. Pluto’s influence this year could bring mind-blowing realizations and breakthroughs that give you full access to your power. First, though, you have some zen lessons to learn. Let this month be about chopping wood and carrying water.

Mercury stations direct on January 1, moving slowly until January 20, helping you ease into the year. Communication may be slow, but everyone must adjust to the new energies of the year. Make patience a spiritual practice. The pace picks up after Uranus stations direct on January 26.

After the Sun enters Aquarius on January 20, you could be inspired by others’ ideas. The Leo Full Moon on January 25 brings out your inner storyteller and gives you the gift of gab. You could spark conversations with influential people or have meaningful encounters with strangers. Write, read, learn, or teach to maximize the Aquarius air-sign energy.

Career-wise, this month offers opportunities for congratulatory remarks with Saturn moving through Pisces. Be ready to take on new challenges and showcase your skills. Work-related travel is possible at the end of the month with the Sun shining in Aquarius, especially on January 29 when Mars relates to the unexpected Uranus.

You’re moving through an empathetic period, and your perceptive abilities allow you to attune to others’ emotions, thoughts, or attitudes. This shift in consciousness opens your heart to receive more love.


Isn’t it odd that we can’t see or hear ourselves the way others do? We can only see ourselves reflected in a mirror or picture, and our voices sound lower and deeper from our inner perspective because of air and bone compression. Perhaps our self-perception is limited because we are communally wired. There are aspects of ourselves we can only experience in relationships. January asks you to relate, connect, and love. You’re not alone; you’re wired for love.

The Capricorn New Moon on January 11 invites you to love big. If you are in a relationship, bring awareness to any resentments hiding beneath the surface. Then, let them go. Forgive if you’ve felt and composted anger and are still hanging on. Venus moves into Capricorn on January 23, opening you to deep empathy. You could make new connections as Venus dances with Jupiter on January 28.

The Sun and Pluto conjoin in Aquarius on January 20, initiating a 20-year journey through the revolutionary sign. This transit asks you to take charge of your finances and build wealth. We’re not just talking about money; wealth is anything that combines security and abundance. The Sun’s light brings taxes, inheritance, and asset-building into the forefront of your mind. The Leo Full Moon on January 25 offers motivation if you’ve considered beginning a new venture or investment. Anything you start has staying power.

At the end of the month, you feel a surge of creativity and self-expression. Mars stands at the threshold of the nodal axis – a destiny point– on January 28. Are you ready to relax your defences and let others support you? Love flows like water.

LEO (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22):

January’s astrology indicates daring possibilities – taking one giant leap of faith that shapes your future. Activate the courage to pursue a dream or scream your intentions from the highest hilltops. Mercury stations direct in adventurous Sagittarius on January 1, and it says, “Follow the beat of your heart as you’d dance to the sound of a drum.”

You’ll have to balance the creative surge with life’s practicalities. The get-serious Capricorn New Moon on January 11 calls you back to the office, school, or gym. It’s time to re-adopt any habits you dropped with the busyness of last year. On January 13, Mercury enters Capricorn and acts like an efficiency expert, helping you cut excesses.

The Sun and Pluto enter your opposite sign, Aquarius, on January 20, signalling a period of transformation in relationships. In pursuing love, you have the gift of charisma and don’t have to work to attract attention. Relax and allow love to find you. In romantic relationships, you’re working through differences and balancing your urge for freedom with your loyalty to your commitments. The Leo Full Moon on January 25 punctuates this theme, and you may need time alone to reflect on the subtle, energetic shifts inside. Every emotion intensifies under Pluto’s light – feel all the pain, love, and joy.

On January 26, Uranus stations direct, signifying a welcome period for a career change. Venus and Jupiter shine a light on your reputation, placing you in the spotlight for recognition. Fine-tune your 2024 intentions after January 27, when you’re more transparent about what sets your heart aglow. Dream bigger than your comfort zone allows, and don’t shy away from claiming your desires.


January invites you to create. What inner truth needs expression? The Capricorn New Moon on January 11 animates your desire, allowing you to see new ways of bringing that truth to light. You could dwell in more bounty and beauty than you ever thought possible, and this year shows you how by inspiring your imagination.

Mars moves through Capricorn as a whirling Dervish, showing you how to connect with the divine through movement. Its influence motivates dance and other somatic practices as rituals for your everyday life. Movement can also help you shake off worry or fear – energies you don’t need to bring into 2024.

Mercury stations direct on January 1, but it stays in its post-shadow phase until January 20. Spend the first part of the month getting organized. Mercury is in Sagittarius until January 13, and you’re aware of life from an aerial perspective. After January 13, your focus narrows, especially regarding work. Finalize tasks on your to-do list for some time to clear a path for new projects.

The Sun enters Aquarius on January 20, and it meets Pluto. The dwarf planet starts a 20-year cycle in the sign of revolutionary ideas, and this month introduces the aspects of our culture that need to be transformed. You’ll find passion in well-being and may feel led to enter a recovery program for a health challenge. The Sun shows what daily practices will most restore vitality and power. At the Leo Full Moon on January 25, love your body by caring for its needs (even if they’re inconvenient).

In your personal life, relationships are grounded in commitment, thanks to Saturn in Pisces. Superficial encounters may bore you this month; you want to go deep. Unrealistic expectations can lead to suffering in relationships. Release them, and see what magic ensues.


The transiting South Node moves through your sign like a flashlight, illuminating the dark spaces of your psyche and allowing you to see the less attractive aspects of your sign. No longer will you easily succumb to indecision. Nor will you tolerate dimming your light to make others more comfortable. The Aries North Node challenges you to take a stand, live in your truth, and pioneer change!

The Capricorn New Moon on January 11 could stir restlessness. Significant energy shifts are happening this month, and the New Moon prepares you to accept your sacred invitation. Consequently, your heart may beat faster from excitement. Your mind might wander, distracted, especially from January 8 – 10. Keep an organized list of goals for reference in case you need more grounded. Mars in Capricorn signifies outer expressions of frustration or anger. Stay healthy by finding ways to release the pressure.

Venus moves through Sagittarius until January 23, lightening the mood in your romantic affairs. You can gain a more aerial view of your relationships to see how you can better relate. Others may call you a social butterfly, but you’re not careless with your charm. Dedicate yourself to strengthening the bonds of your inner circle. The Sun and Pluto meet in Aquarius on January 20, and you’ll likely find superficiality a bore. You’ll want to exercise your right to say no to plans that distract you from your top priorities. Focus is your keyword this month.

Pluto in Aquarius is a 20-year cycle. We saw a preview last spring from March to June. It’s a highly creative and fertile time for you. Pluto shows you the power of your voice, story, and artistry. It also asks you to play! Do you love what you’re doing professionally? If not, do all you can to make it more fun.


Last year, you discovered what matters most. You leaned on family, friends, and spiritual helpers as you navigated the turbulent tides shifting in your life. Difficult experiences often make us confront our fears; when we do, we see they are illusions. The Capricorn New Moon on January 11 allows you to express all you’ve learned by writing or telling your story.

As an intuitive Scorpio, your inner wisdom can help you navigate life’s challenges, but you must trust yourself. On January 13, Attune your senses and perceive in new ways. You may begin to hear what’s not being said as clearly as the words spoken.

On January 13, messenger Mercury enters the grounded sign of Capricorn, signifying an intellectual breakthrough. You could become your own oracle. It’s a good month to sign up for a workshop. Mars is in Capricorn all month, motivating you to stretch your imagination and hone the power of your mind. Consider studying the power of the subconscious mind to influence your success, health, and love.

Finances are in flux as Mercury moves through Sagittarius (until January 13). Make economic insecurity a thing of the past by celebrating your successes. Vesta moves through Gemini, and the world of real estate investment could open doors to you. Be careful when seeking advice or direction. You could be prone to see your finances through rose-coloured glasses.

On January 20, the Sun and Pluto enter Aquarius, the sign of the revolution. Liberation is a theme; you’ll feel it in your home, family dynamics, and living space. Sometimes, taking a break from a loved one can leave a lingering cloud of sadness in the air, while at other times, it feels like a sigh of relief. What matters most is staying true to yourself.


Welcome to the year of manifestation! Jupiter in Taurus says, state your intentions with heart. Then, let your imagination expand to consider possibilities you never could before. Let all decisions be soulful and spirit-led. Where you focus your attention, you can create powerfully. So, be conscious of thoughts and self-talk.

The Capricorn New Moon on January 11 makes money a serious topic. Mars moves through Capricorn all month, motivating you to build wealth – in whatever currency you most appreciate. It’s not always money that gives us a sense of wealth. Your financial outcomes are tied to your attitudes. If you hear yourself complain, reverse the trend by framing your challenges in a new light. Mercury enters Capricorn on January 13, helping you budget and organize your finances.

On January 20, Pluto enters Aquarius for one of the most significant transits of the year. It will be in the revolutionary sign for the next 20 years, and its influence suggests you’ll have a more powerful way with words. What do you need to express? You could become motivated to write, speak, or communicate in another way. The Sun meets Pluto on January 20, and it punctuates those themes. To make the most of this time, get to know your neighbours and root yourself in your local community. Become inspired to think globally and act locally.

Venus graces your sign until January 23 and shines like a spotlight to let others see your brilliance. Its influence gives you magnetic appeal; imagine all you could draw into your life! The Leo Full Moon on January 25 helps crystalize the intentions you’re magnetizing. What a cosmically aligned time for love! Follow your heart’s passions, and let them lead you to wondrous encounters.


Venus enters your sign on January 23, shining her light on all your relationships. To thine own self, be true might be your mantra. Venus inspires genuine connections and true love. What does that mean? In ancient times, some experts believe, men placed a newborn on their knees to claim paternity. The word genuine has etymological ties to that tradition. The word genuine connotes natural and true. May all your conversations, creations, and expressions this month be so.

The Capricorn New Moon on January 11 illuminates your sign, marking a decisive moment for change-making. This lunation invites you to think of how you share your talents with the world. Have you allowed others to stand in the spotlight while you worked backstage? It’s your time to shine!! Pluto has been in your sign since 2008, stirring up cathartic encounters and breakthroughs. On January 20, it enters Aquarius, leading you to become more involved in the world around you. You’re leaving your mark, and others will notice.

Mars moves through your sign this month, motivating you to prioritize your health and well-being. Its influence heats your blood on the cold winter nights (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere), filling you with passion for self-care. Consider joining a gym or becoming involved in a sporting activity. If someone invites you on a ski trip, consider saying yes!

The Sun enters Aquarius on January 20, making this a time to be more mindful of your spending. Your financial decisions matter as the Sun meets Pluto that day. Pluto’s influence asks you to align your money decisions with your values. It wants you to invest your time, energy, and resources carefully. You wouldn’t want to start 2024 feeling depleted.


The Sun enters your sign on January 20, kicking off an Aquarius season unlike ever before. Pluto, the planetary ninja, enters your sign that day and settles into a new 20-year cycle. When the two meet, you will feel it as a wake-up call. It’s a breakthrough point that could change your life forever. How will you make the most of this time? Act and speak with integrity. Make bold choices that stretch the limits of your comfort zone.

As Mercury stations direct on January 1, you make a slow start into the new year. For those first two weeks, assess your living space. Do things need to be boxed up and given away? Clean and clear space for the year’s new beginnings. A move is probable; change on that level is, too. Consider the options at the Leo Full Moon on January 25, a lunation that invites you to explore themes of independence and partnership. Relationship concerns for you this past year have come to light, and it’s time to take action.

On January 11, the Capricorn New Moon helps amplify your intentions. Enter into your favourite spiritual practice to attune to your heart’s urges. Your empathic sensibilities are high at the beginning of the month, but refrain from accumulating others’ unprocessed feelings by being so full of your light – your power – that there’s no space left in your energy field for distractions.

It is a highly creative and sacred time. Uranus stations direct on January 26. A jolt of electricity could move through and draw you to your muse. Tap into the quantum field. Your mind, hungry for mental exercise, could lead you to explore classes, workshops, or trips to the library.


January’s transits help you stay grounded among shifting currents. The world is changing fast, and you’re one of the few prepared to lead others through the change. Saturn in your sign asks what you’re dedicated to, especially on January 20, when Pluto enters Aquarius, initiating a 20-year cycle.

Outer planet transits bear significance for societal shifts and events that shape entire generations. They mark a turning point in our consciousness. You’re attuned to the new frequencies, as you’ve likely felt the building for a while. Professionally, this shift might mean a call into leadership. As Mercury enters Capricorn on January 13, consider speaking, teaching, or running for office. You’ll know you’re on track if you feel fear and excitement.

The Capricorn New Moon on January 11 highlights your social life, making it a favourable time for meeting new friends. You never know – one of those friendships could even evolve into a romantic relationship. Venus enters Capricorn on January 23; focus on the aspects of your social life that fill you with gratitude. Rally your supportive allies and celebrate the successes earned. If you have challenging relationships with friends or shake-ups in your social circle, insights abound after January 19.

Listen to your body this month, especially on January 25, when the Leo Full Moon helps you reach conclusions about your healthcare needs. Commit to a regular practice, like meditation or yoga. Time in nature can be nourishing on spiritual and physical levels. Consider your whole self when you conjure wellness resolutions for the new year. Make them rituals to implement into your everyday life. With all of the potential changes indicated by the month’s transits, it is essential to stay grounded. Live in the present, and create your future.

Rachel Lang studied astrology under the mentorship of some world-renowned astrologers and dedicated herself to the craft. She received certification from the American Federation of Astrologers and is a member of ISAR, the International Society for Astrological Research. Rachel is the Vice President of the local NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research) Los Angeles chapter. To read more go to Rachel’s website rachellangastrologer.com




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