Our Family Dragon: A Lunar New Year Story


Our Family Dragon is a great way to explain Chinese New Year customs to children.

Beautifully coloured, this picture book tells the of excitement and planning that the family experiences and exactly what they do. The young boy who tells the story is filled with anticipation and delight as he prepares to welcome in the Dragon!

As the reader turns the pages, we see that the family have hung red lanterns and decorations, to bring plenty into the house. They have cleaned the house and thrown out rubbish to get rid of bad luck. So much food is cooked, spring rolls, noodles, dumplings, rice, and vegetable dishes.

All the family get together and sing songs and stay up to see in the New Year. There are fifteen days of celebrations, with new clothes. Red packets of money are given by the elders. The group go to Chinatown to see the colourful dragon that dances down the lanes.

Every page is filled with joy and delight, which the illustrations reflect cleverly. All the customs and traditions are explained for young and old to appreciate.

2024 is the Year of the Dragon and this clever story will ensure that children understand the importance of this year for Chinese people.

Author & Publisher                      Rebecca Lim, illustrated by Cai Tse
ISBN                                         9781761180637
Website                                     https://www.allenandunwin.com/
Distributor                                 Albert Street Books
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Review By  Grasshopper2


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