Get Ready for These Great Astrological Shifts 2024 to 2028


Here is a rundown on the events of the planetary connections that we can expect over the next 4 years or so.  Each of these has got to be prefaced by the fact that all Outer Planets change signs in these 4 years – the biggie of course is Pluto into Aquarius, covered briefly here below.  The important energy of the coming years is that all the planetary energies we have become so used to start to change gears from now and throw us into a new cycle.  More important even is the Chinese new Cycle of Period 9 which begins in early February 2024, and is a new Twenty year cycle of completely different energies from the Period 8 Cycle we’ve been in for the last twenty years.  Eight was an Earth number (in the I Ching Mountain) and Nine was a Fire number (I Ching Fire). The fuller explanation is here in the article.

I need to emphasise that we are in for quite a ride and I think determining factors in how you handle this ride is based on your perceptions of what is important in life and how much you follow mainstream news and whether you watch mainstream TV or your phone news at all.  The connections with others who share your views are key and those views revolve around linking to a higher purpose in life, not rattled down by currency woes, fears of pandemics, wars and crime, dramas in politics (who is good & who is bad) and obsessions with celebrity dramas.

The Years Ahead – the Great Shifts of the Next 4 Years

The movement of PLUTO into AQUARIUS first happened on March 24, 2023, then it moved back into Capricorn on 12 June 2023, and then it went back again fully into Aquarius on 21 January 2024.  Get ready for the ultimate transformations in technology first of all, then aircraft and air travel (new flying cars), new inventions, AI (chatty robots who write your articles for you), renewed & revised social movements, the blooming of astrology, and social reform.  And Aquarians themselves will get pretty far out and new in their ideas and behaviours and totally transform their lives if all goes well.

The 20 Year transit of Pluto in Aquarius from January 2024  to January 2044 will mark a critical stage in all of our human story.  Aquarius is the sign of knowledge, altruistic social policies and rapid inventions.   Events of the period from March 2023 until June 2023 began to tell us what can be in store for this coming year of 2024 when Pluto lodges in there for two decades.

Let’s look at values for both of them, Pluto and Aquarius – to get more ideas of the changes coming now…

Words For Pluto:  Transformation, Rebirth, Illumination, Wisdom, Internal Forces, Conflict, Elimination, Obsession, Destruction, Eruptive Change, Volcanos, Earthquakes. The Underworld – it’s the Ruler of Scorpio.

Words For Aquarius:  Friendly, Humanitarian, Inventive, Independent, Original, Intuitive, Idealistic, Rebellious, Contrary, Stubborn, Unpredictable, Perverse, Distant.   Ruled by Uranus and traditionally by Saturn.

The Last Time:  That 1777 – 1798 Period of Pluto in Aquarius

The American Revolution commenced in 1775, just a few years before Pluto previously entered Aquarius, and continued throughout this turbulent cycle until 1783.  Pluto ruled the country of Russia until 1796, throughout Pluto’s entire last sojourn in Aquarius.  Each cycle lasts about 248 years. This pattern is such that in each 248-year cycle, Pluto goes into Aquarius again every two and half centuries.

The previous Pluto in the Aquarius period transformed the Saturnian notions of reason and solidity upside down.  The 20-year transit of Pluto in Aquarius from January 2024 – January 2044 will mark a critical stage in the planet’s and humanity’s story.  Aquarius is the sign of knowledge, altruistic social policies, and rapid inventions.  Remember that Captain James Cook landed in Botany Bay in 1770 setting the scene for Australia’s White European settlement and the beginnings of the decline of Aboriginal sovereignty over their Country just over half a decade later.  We have in Australia been made aware on a much larger scale of the extent of both massacres of Aboriginal people by white settlers, military, and police in the early century of settlement, and we’ve also been more acquainted with the number of Aboriginal rebellions and fightbacks that happened at the same time.  In the recent decade, we’ve learned a lot of lost and unacknowledged history.

The Coming Future & The Next Four Years:  Having had a look for the next 4 years of planetary shifts there is quite a bit of outer planet interconnections that I can draw attention too…

Saturn/Uranus:  Before all this, we had the Saturn-Uranus square which brought about social clashes, shifts in fixed attitudes, a revival of older ways of doing things (horse & cart travel), and clashes with authorities that will not budge. Covid restrictions and the growing Freedom Movement.  It was first on 17 Feb. 2021, 15 June ’21, and 24 December.  We have seen the change in positions on the Wuhan Lab’s responsibility for the Virus outbreak get a sudden surge in revelations. Also the revelations from the developer of the mNRA technology (Dr Robert Malone) were posted everywhere in a flood – and then came the denials. The Wuhan Lab bats vs. Lab leak story came within the 24 hours of the Solar Eclipse (10 June 2021)!   It was a ring of light around the Sun partly concealed – but the ring of truth emerged. There will be much more publically on that and the awful shortfalls and damages of the mNRA vaccines coming in 2024.

Uranus/Pluto: A more positive future ahead? Jump to mid-July 2026  to mid-June 2027.  Uranus Trines Pluto three times between 3 and 7 degrees of Aquarius.  Potential hugely positive changes in those 12 months.  Astrologer Myrna Lofthus Says, “Being Independent and Tolerant of Others.  Great Capacity to Handle Crises.  Tapping into Previous Life Experiences. Solving Unsolvable Problems”.

Neptune Into Aries:   What I take as the most interesting and significant shift is NEPTUNE going into ARIES which it will first do in March 2025.  It touches on the last few minutes of 29 degrees Pisces on 2 July 2024, so there is a touch and feel of it then, but when the planet of compassion and subtle energies goes into the sign of action – Aries.  It will mean as a population we move into a new way of treating our fellow humans.  If we look at the perplexing issue of Crop Circles, they are a weird technical and subtle phenomenon (with some of the famous patterns depicting science truths and almost indecipherable messages from elsewhere) that too may come through as to their origins – and there’s not just one source of them but many.  We will see…  exciting times ahead.

Saturn Into Pisces:  Saturn is gliding across Pisces’s watery space from March 7, 2023, to May 24, 2025, and again – after a short break into Aries (25 May to 1 September 2025) it is in Pisces from September 2025 through to February 14, 2026.  Saturn’s debut in Pisces will activate the sector of your chart that governs transformation ushering in an era of endings and new beginnings.  Pisces’ transcendental energy is deeply connected with the realms of emotions, dreams, and mysticism – and over these years, Saturn will prompt us to outgrow any escapist fantasies and fully face our feelings so that we can move forward more effectively.  Pisces is also about blurring rational thought and often leans into emotions at the expense of facts, but Saturn encourages in us to do the reality checks. The vision or mission of raising vibrations now is to support and empower people to live in alignment with their truer spiritual purpose.  It can be all about initiating change now in order to fulfill goals and reach new heights of success in your personal growth.  In some people, there may also be regret about things that failed in the past, and remembering them can bring pain. So Saturn says to move along with a more practical approach.

Saturn Into Aries:  In February of 2026 Saturn (our guardian of big business and authorities) goes fully into ARIES which will be a major time of further change (it spends 3 months in there as a taste – May to end of August ’25).  The planet of contraction and structures going into Aries will mean some important shifts in the structures presently running this planet if they haven’t already fallen apart.  Saturn does not move out of Aries until April 2028.  Aries means new ‘me first’ actions so it will be a time when Saturnian structures finally come up with better models to work by.  The most interesting bit about it is that Saturn comes to conjunct Neptune twice in Aries 2025/26 – in August ’25 and February ’26.  It is a combination that brings about a shift in the spiritual basis of those children being born then.  The period from 1952 – 1953 was when Saturn & Neptune did their connecting dance together in Libra bringing in a new generation of spiritually purposeful people.

Some interesting things from that previous Saturn/Neptune period.  The German and Jewish agreements on restitution for Nazi crimes against the Jews were agreed on in that year 1952.  The Nobel Peace Prize went to Albert Schweitzer in 19529 (Capricorn, w. 4 planets in Aries).  The settlement of the Korean War Armistice was signed in July 1953. And Queen Elizabeth was crowned Queen of England and the rest of us (Aussies) in 1952.  Movies are ruled by Neptune (fantasy)  –  In 1952 we had ‘Limelight’ by Charlie Chaplin,’, ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ by Cecil B De Mille,  ‘Moulin Rouge, and ‘High Noon’ with Gary Cooper.  And 1953, ‘Roman Holiday’ with Audrey Hepburn, ‘From Here to Eternity’ by Zinnemann, ‘The Robe’ with Richard Burton, and ‘Julius Caeser’.  These were all classic movies of the time and many are still considered so.  I suspect by 2025/2026 we will have artificial intelligence and 3D reality movies that we can actually take part in.  The Holographic movie industry!   And as in the Star Trek series – May the Hologram Rooms will be with us.

Jupiter and Uranus: These two can bring in dramatic and innovative changes when they are conjunct.  We have that togetherness in April 2024, and expect surprises and sudden opportunities as Robert Hand (Tranists astrologer) says.  This arouses idealism and leads people to refuse to accept unjust and socially unfair conditions.  Reform movements may spring up everywhere.  Since it is occurring in Taurus this is definitely about value systems and how we relate to them.   Since Taurus rules values and how we value money and wealth, these are the issues that will be raised.  More than likely currency and digital currencies will be a strong focus at this time in 2024 and it may be a turning point on the US dollar as well.  Remember too, Uranus rules lightning, wizardry, computers (the internet), and sudden unexpected changes – with Jupiter as expansive it can be very positive or it can be excessive.

The Feng Shui Age of NINE Comes In 2024 

The Chinese count their years in 20-year cycles which start in the last few centuries (by the Gregorian calendar) on the fourth year of the second decade always beginning on the Solar Year date.  So February 1964 was the beginning of the 6 Cycle, 1984 was the beginning of the 7 Cycle and 2004 was the beginning of the 8 Cycle (using the Solar Calendar). 4th February 2024 begins CycleNumber 9.  In Chinese the number Nine rules the Fire element.

What is the Significance of Period 9 ~ The Rise of the Phoenix? 

Classical Feng Shui encompasses the concept of the “Three Cycles and Nine Periods”, spanning a duration of 180 years. Starting from February 4, 2024, a new Period 9 will begin and last until February 4, 2044. This transition to a new period brings about a change in energy across various sectors, potentially influencing important aspects of our lives, such as health, family harmony, career, and wealth.  As Period 9 nears, it becomes vital to prepare and make necessary adjustments to our Feng Shui charts.     What previously worked may no longer be effective, including the combination charts designed for Period 8, the positioning of certain furniture, and elemental balances.  It’s that time of year again, when we eagerly anticipate the arrival of 2024, the Year of the Wood Dragon.  This year holds particular significance as it marks the official commencement of Period 9, symbolising a fresh start and new opportunities.

In traditional Feng Shui, the most potent school is known as Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Star School), and as Period 8 ends on the 4th of February 2024 and the same day, Period 9 begins.  After another 20 years, on the 4th of February 2044, we will enter Period 1. Each period is associated with a specific trigram and under the influence of a Star. Period 9 corresponds with the Li Trigram of the Fire element and under the influence of the Nine Purple Star. This suggests a rise in fame, innovation, power, middle-aged women, new media, technology, businesses, etc.

Representing Period 9 is the Li Trigram, symbolising the Fire Element.  This trigram embodies the essence of a quintessential young woman.   This is a beautiful transformation from the divine masculine (of 8) to the divine feminine (of 9).  It represents the Phoenix Rising, a rebirth from the ashes of the potent Earth energy (Period 8) we have been in for the last two decades, into the flames of movement, action, and confidence.

What are the Feng Shui Predictions for Period 9?

Period 9 – there will be a major shift in thinking from profit & wealth to purpose; controlling to empowering/ motivation as well as hierarchies to networks.  Period 9 is of Fire element and relates to the ‘Eyes’.   Fire industries include the internet, Information technology, Artificial intelligence(AI), energy, art & culture, tourism-related industry, media & entertainment (using sight), beauty-related services, and content marketing.  And any industries related to AI, robotics, education, genome, blood, the heart, mobile apps, etc.  If you are an investor consider stocks that belong to the “Fire” element industry and properties in the South or North.  In Period 9, the Stars 1,6,8, and 9 are deemed Auspicious and timely.  San Yuan Xuan Kong’s teaching takes into consideration the Feng Shui period of property space, in which a 180-year timeline is divided into nine blocks spanning 20 years each.

In Chinese the Number Nine is Fire and Fire rules the following….  expanding energies, summer, blossoming and fruit, libraries/ schools and places of learning, modern designs, flowers, bright colours, circuses, artistic performance, illumination, the heart, laughter, spiritual purpose, intelligence, joy, and to be in love.  The Archetypal person of Fire is the Wizard so the powers of wizardry may become more prominent and important.  Organs in the body ruled by Fire are the heart, pericardium, small intestine, triple heater, tongue, ear, and arteries.  All of this means we are set from 2024 to go into a whole different cycle ruled by all the Fire attributes of expansion and the heart, thus we are in for a large-scale change from the more materialistic Earth Element 8 that has been ruling this previous 20-year cycle.  It will be the beginning of a big shift and will take time, of course, to settle in from 2024.  It takes a year to really establish.

The other thing to consider is that Fire is not a tangible substance, unlike Earth where we have been in its cycle for two decades.  Earth rules property, real estate, finances, and industries like mining (earth extraction) so when Fire (Li in Chinese) comes in, things can also become more ethereal.  Important to keep grounded in the body and mind as well.  It will change our perceptions of what matters, what is valuable, and what works on a natural and heart-centered level.

FINALLY, 2024 is also the Year of the DRAGON  –  The New Year begins a new zodiac animal cycle, the Year of the Wood Dragon.  Chinese tradition employs a Solar calendar. Using the Solar calendar, it’s Sunday 4th February, and the New Moon day of 10th February is the official Lunar New Year. The Dragon personality is active dynamic and very scrupulous. They try to do their very best to succeed and in fact, don’t really know the meaning of the word failure.  They are usually very healthy, natural, and captivating types full of charm and sincerity. They are devoted types as well and can be loyal to those they hold as true friends.  They also have a set of defects as does any sign.  Theirs are interesting – they can be extremely impatient, cannot bear to wait for anyone or anything, and get very annoyed with those who resist their efforts.  In Chinese metaphysics, the Dragon symbolises the tall mountain range and the powerful energy of the land.  Humans have always considered the Dragon with a sense of awe, fear, and respect as though it represents and holds some hidden depth of the way we are on earth. The Dragon Year will reflect much of this energy – we may hold it in awe…

I wish you all a fulfilling New Year and a celebration of our uniqueness, that ability to discern truth from fiction as we will need it now that 2024 is on our doorsteps.  With Love for the Planet, Happi Nu Year,  Richard Giles

Richard Giles, Feng Shui Practitioner & Astrologer, PO Box 489,    MALENY, QLD 4552.  Email:  [email protected]

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