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Often, throughout our lives, we are faced with confusion or a ‘crossroad’. This is when having a reading with a  psychic medium or clairvoyant can help to provide clarity and insights into your life path and assist you to follow a positive direction.

Perth based, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Guidance Counsellor, JudithK is an internationally recognised practitioner. She has the ability to walk that road with her clients, supporting and guiding them to make their own decisions.

Judith’s psychic ability started when she was quite young. Often, she would know what was going to happen before it actually happened.  As she grew older Judith found that she was able to read faces and places, as well as feeling energy. 

The extra vision Judith has been blessed with, has given her an incredible ability to give insight to people by seeing and confirming events and situations.  Angels often visit Judith letting her see them and she often sees other people’s Angels and Spirit guides. 

Unexplained Psychic Phenomena

Under the psychic umbrella, different categories of psychic fascination emerge. These include ghosts, spirit guides, angels, astral travel and Tarot cards to name a few.

Judith works with spirit guides to receive messages, often for people who have had a loved one pass over. As a psychic medium and clairvoyant, Judith is experienced in recognizing signs that a spirit or angel is trying to send. 

Many people use the Tarot cards for guidance in their life and the cards offer comfort to many. When Judith picked up her first pack of Tarot cards, she found she was able to read them instantly. 

Tarot cards can provide insights and answers for questions about relationships, travel, career decisions, emotional issues, financial matters as well as potentially warning of friendships or relationships that need attention. Sometimes health issues may be addressed. 

An Australian Tarot  Oracle 

Judith has now created her own pack of Cards –  The Australian Tarot Oracle, a 76 card pack which takes the ancient concept of Tarot and moulds it into an updated modern-day version especially suited to the Australian culture and environment. Each card is beautifully gold gilded with glossy Australian pictures and displays a keyword. 

In a card reading, Judith usually finds that she has a spirit guide or two that will join the reading helping the flow of magic within the cards to take place.  The energy felt from the 76 Australian cards holds an unexplainable mystery.  The diversity of the Australian animals and birds that live off the land provide rich spiritual insights. The rugged and yet graceful aura that the Australian landscape offers is like no other.  Trees and flowers survive in the harshest of conditions.  The sound of the vast outback countryside brings an eerie sense of peace and quietness.  The oceans are breathtaking and mesmerising as one gazes into the depths of colour. Extremities of power behind the force of water on rough days can be an exhilarating experience.  All these factors create a meditative tranquil state of mind. Recognizing, feeling and embracing, in nature, the Australian energies indeed makes for a mysterious soul journey. These amazing cards will serve you well and make wonderful gifts for the special person in your life.  They are truly becoming a collector’s dream.

Online Readings are Safe and Simple

Times are difficult, so it’s important to keep safe and healthy as well as nurturing the soul to create peace and tranquillity.  No need to worry about distance traffic and fuel prices.  It’s such an easy option. This can be achieved by relaxing at home or work in comfortable surroundings while connecting with Judith with absolute confidentiality.

A Tarot Medium psychic reading session can be done over the phone.  Judith will pick up on your voice and energy.  And yes spirits may attend the session and they will often offer guided information where ever you are. 

Special Discounts

These discounts apply for Phone What’s app or Skype sessions and The Australian Tarot Oracle for the month of February.  Contact Judith for an appointment or to secure a pack of cards. 

The Australian Tarot Oracle cards Save $40 . Pay only $180 includes postage in Australia normally $220 + postage . Contact Judith directly to purchase cards.


20% off a full hour session 

10% off a half-hour session

Other Products

Judith supports a range of medicine nutritional products that are natural and formulated by doctors. If your concern is pain, weight problems, sleep issues or you need to boost the memory then contact Judith for more information. 

More Info 

Payment can be made by pay pal on Judithk’s website or if preferred Judith can take your card details and process using EFTPOS over the phone. 

For more information on personal sessions, workshops or counselling programs please visit her website: 

Telephone 0408 52 11 15 Facebook  Judithk Counsellor & Psychic

Email  [email protected] [email protected]


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