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Sarah Westerway, is a dedicated teacher and Master Practitioner, for Healing Solutions (BHS). She draws on her extensive knowledge of advanced energy medicine and is committed to sharing this with her students. 

What is BHS?

Best Healing Solutions (BHS) utilises an advanced form of energy medicine to address the underlying causes of any unresolved/ongoing issues. BHS sessions involve finding the blocks that are stopping your body from healing, or hindering you from being the best version of you. Blocks may be physical or non-physical. Physical may include toxins such as pathogens, foods, personal care products or hormone imbalances. Non-physical blocks may be past traumas, false beliefs, emotions, intentions, or conscious conflicts. These kinds of blocks can hinder you from getting better and stop you from achieving your goals.

What are unresolved/ongoing issues?

Examples of unresolved/ongoing issues may be food sensitivities, asthma, sleep conditions, hypertension, fatigue, aches and pains, struggles with personal or professional life, or any emotional problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, or trauma.

At BHS, our focus is on uncovering the root causes behind the unresolved and/or ongoing issues for you.

Some other issues addressed with BHS (not limited to):

ADD/ADHD Addictions, Allergies
Anemia Animal Health Arthritis
Endometriosis Broken bones Business growth and financial success
Candida/fungal infections Childhood trauma Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
Colds/flus Concussion Constipation
Cushing’s Disease Digestive issues Drug reactions
Eating disorders Eczema Ear infections
Eye problems Generational issues Headaches
Histamine reactions Insomnia Joint pain
Learning difficulties Menstrual issues Menopause
Neck pain Panic attacks PTSD
Sexual trauma Sleep apnoea Spiritual issues
Stress Trauma Viruses
Weight gain Vertigo Vision problems



Meet Sarah Westerway

With a passion for teaching and a deep connection to nature, Sarah embarked on a fulfilling career as an Agriculture Teacher. Little did she know, this path would eventually lead her to explore natural medicine and energy healing.

My introduction to alternative medicine began in childhood, shaped by my parents’ trust in natural remedies and my late aunt’s practice as a naturopath. She utilised kinesiology in her clinic and fuelled my intrigue in energy medicine.

It was in 2012 that I found Dr. Carolee Johnson, a Best Healing Solutions (BHS) Practitioner. I was struggling with digestive issues that were not getting any better. I also struggled with infertility. Through our sessions, I experienced firsthand the profound impact of energy medicine on both physical and emotional well-being. Encouraged by the efficacy of these sessions, I delved deeper into the realm of energy healing.

The Mastery Program offered by BHS presented an opportunity to immerse myself fully in energy medicine. Under the guidance of the esteemed founder, Beth Daniel Jones, I honed my skills and expanded my understanding of the body’s intricate energy systems.

Graduating as a Master Practitioner with the BHS Team in 2021 marked a significant milestone in my professional evolution. Armed with a profound understanding of energy medicine and a toolkit of self-testing products, I embarked on a mission to empower others on their healing journeys.

In my practice, I have encountered individuals grappling with confusion and seeking answers to their physical and emotional ailments. At BHS we say, “What the body can see, the body can heal,” I work with the client to find the underlying blocks to their health and wellness. Whether alleviating pain and symptoms or addressing barriers to success, my goal remains the same – to facilitate healing and transformation for as many individuals as possible.

With each client I encounter and each person I help, I am reminded of the profound impact of energy healing and the boundless potential that lies within us all to be the best versions of ourselves. In embracing my role as a conduit for healing, I am honoured to walk alongside others on their quest for wholeness and vitality.

Want to learn BHS for yourself?

Our classes provide a progressive learning experience tailored to individuals of all levels. We start with beginner classes and free workshops, which cater to those who are new to self-muscle testing, and progress through to advanced levels for experienced testers.

Additionally, we offer a practitioner level in our Mastery Program

On the 2nd Saturday of the month, Sarah hosts the BHS Select Introductory class, which is a laid-back session for those who have some familiarity with self-muscle testing. Building upon the foundational knowledge gained in the beginner classes, our Introductory class allows participants to refine their testing skills and explore advanced techniques for accessing deeper layers of intuition and insight. Through interactive sessions and practical exercises, individuals gain confidence in their ability to harness the wisdom of their bodies for self-muscle testing.


Offers: 24-hour money-back guarantee.

$100 first session for first-time clients.

Free 15-20 minute strategy session (book through my website)


Radio: Join us on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month for “The Best Healing Show” hosted by Beth Daniel Jones and other Best Healing Solutions (BHS) practitioners.

In each episode, we bring you insights into the world of BHS and how we can help you find blocks to your healing. This is a call-in show, so we’d love to hear from you! Website for News for the Soul:








Following a couple of successful treatments with Sarah for my back pain issues (which turned out to be emotional issues) I got thinking about my beautiful horse Mystery who had been a challenge to deal with for the previous 5 years that I had owned him. Mystery has the potential to be brilliant – but suffers from major separation anxiety and spooks at anything and was just downright dangerous sometimes as he would take off in the middle of some lovely dressage work. In 2020 I asked Sarah if she thought she could help him too. After a couple of treatments and working with his healing codes over a few weeks, Mystery slowly morphed into a new animal. He was more settled, and we could reset more easily if he became worried. The exciting part of the journey was that the dressage coach that we attend weekly noticed changes and commented on his behaviour – without knowing that I had done the treatments. When I told her, she was impressed and curious as to what I had done. Kylie.


For as long as I remember, I have suffered from belly aches. The older I get, the more I have had “issues” with food. I recently had an initial appoinment with Sarah and cannot believe the change in one month. My doctor referred me to an Immunologist, however, the success that I have had with Sarah looks as though that appointment won’t be needed. My second appointment picked up a few more problem areas and moving forward should see an even better result for my belly. Shelley.


Our horse, Lachy, started having laminitic episodes and was eventually diagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome AND equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) – like type 2 diabetes. Even though Lachie has always been ‘managed’ to avoid these common pony conditions, he has suffered and struggled to get better with many recurring episodes. Having used HS for myself and other horses – I finally called upon Sarah to help me with Lachie. Sarah was able to determine that the supplements I had him on were not suited to him and we were able to source a supplement and feed regime to more benefit him. Sarah was able to pinpoint emotional issues that were triggering episodes as well as a number of other circumstances that were contributing to his condition. Lachy is now able to be ridden again and with a lovely young family. Thank you, Sarah, and Healing Solutions, for assisting with his healing journey. Kylie.


Approximately 8 months ago, I had a “turn” of some kind, and my neighbour called the Ambulance. My blood pressure was 220/120 and my neighbour suspected I had a stroke. I was taken to the hospital for tests. Sarah commenced testing and said that I’d reacted to an inhalant- mold. Whilst at the hospital they ran numerous tests, but all were clear, and they couldn’t find any cause for the reaction. My blood pressure was still high around 170/100 when they discharged me from the hospital, suggesting that I may contact my own doctor and get a higher blood pressure tablet. Once home, I spoke with Sarah, and she tested that I had reacted to some kind of mold. After a process of elimination, I discovered a container of moldy sour cream, which I had found just before my reaction. Sarah did the Miasm Scan and within a week it was at 138/72. It continued to lower until now it sits around 127/68. My blood pressure hasn’t been this good for many years. Bev.


Earlier this year I contacted Sarah to help my horse who was ill (yes, she works on animals too). The horse was lethargic, standing around, off her food (which normally never happens) not wanting to move much and generally doughy. Sarah tested her from top to bottom and found an issue in her gut. She was presenting symptoms typical of Cushing’s disease and Sarah found a mould field, leaky gut and an emotional field that was blocking her ability to heal. Sarah found that some of her issues were emotional, and some were man-made, and she found a hormonal imbalance. She also had ingested something which overloaded her system (this turned out to be a toxic spray of the paddocks next door). Sarah also detected biofilm in the horse’s water. Sarah cleared all the fields that were offline and reconnected them. She then went through her food and gave a list of how to balance her food. She also tested how to resolve the water issue. Sarah then gave me a code to read for the horse each day, 4 times daily. Within a day the horse was much better and continued to improve and is now well. Ann-Maree.


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