Colorado Zen Guitar Music for Yoga Relaxation and Meditation


Melodic and peaceful, this rich and yet simple collection from Victor Towle, Colorado Zen could come very easily under the somewhat old fashioned and yet always acceptable, ‘chicken soup for the soul’ category. Colorado Zen it would seem has been released at a time when balm for the very soul of the world is in dire need.

Simple yet elegant pieces unfold in a timeless and soothing style, reaching out to lull the mind into a gentle place, each piece inspired by the beauty and magnificence of Colorado; a place full of grandeur, rippling streams, forests and mountains, all of which call to the very essence of who we are as people.

Emerging is a striking piece:  one that is perfect to introduce a work that has been honed in a series of meditation workshops to seek and find authenticity in the music; in the emotion that ties the pieces together to create the perfect medium for meditation or mindfulness sessions which seek universal connectedness.

Changing elements slightly is No Reservations which appears to chase an ideal, with a reverb that is  interesting to listen to closely as the underling melody is charming, which is perhaps what this piece is asking; to look a little deeper than the surface to find the pure elements located a little further that the first impression.

Fascinating in the slow, measured nature of the delivery is Leaves Falling which brings to mind immediately the perfection of an autumn day: sitting peacefully in nature simply watching as the riot of leaves fall gently to carpet the earth in a riot of colour. The wind teasing the leaves follows in Like the Wind, an evocative piece that captures that change a breeze can create in just a single moment in time.

Gently moving on to the final piece Light on The Horizon, is a rather emotive piece in today’s world, as people everywhere are hoping and waiting for their light on the horizon; that of a new dawn, the ending of the day just past, looking forward a brighter day tomorrow. Towle has captured the gentle evening mood prevalent at days end with a slow, gentle melody; a man at one with his music, at peace with his world, offering the grace of music to relax, restore, accept and enjoy.

Distributor                                            Victor Towle
Artists                                                  Victor Towle


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