The Greatfulness Guide


Next level thinking – How to think, not what to think

Like the author Jacqui Jones, I would have given much to have had the wisdom in The Gratefulness Guide How Not To Think as a teenager as the premise of gratitude is one which should govern our days and enhance our life journey. Her presentation of the information within is also well done. The author likens our life to an odyssey, or journey, and invites the reader to imagine that reading this book, is like going on an overseas trip.

Jacqui introduces herself as your travel guide, and so she begins with your tips for the journey. You need to stay curious, commit to getting through the book, and keep a travel diary. There is an icon throughout which indicates that you should draw, write or have fun with the thoughts you have. There is luggage to pack. Courage, persistence, gratitude, and curiosity are some of the items you will need to take on your journey.

The travel guide suggests we look at our thoughts, and self-awareness. Some thoughts that are negative can be likened to an old bag which we can choose to leave behind on the travellator. Hooray, we can feel much lighter. The act of meditation will help clear our mind, and there is an article by Novak Djokovic outlining how useful meditation is for him. Breathing to help us feel grounded is an easy way to slow your system down in turbulent times.

The clever use of analogy in this book helps the reader to be aware of where they are going and how to get there. This book contains much information, and though it is broken down into a “Travel Journal,” it may take a few trips to assimilate a lifetime of knowledge.

Author                                           Jacqui Jones
Publisher                                       Murdoch Books
ISBN                                             9781922351319
Released                                       January 2020


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