Wisdom of Discernment in a Time of Chaos


This message came via a download  after reflective thinking and asking for guidance for this time 


The Year of Covid
The Year of change
The year the economy collapsed
The year of discovering the Healy
The year Uluru was activated
The year that changed people’s perspectives
The year the worldview was shattered, and the truths emerged for all to see
The year of conspiracy theories and fake news.

Nothing stands true.

Spirit called upon us to go within and to develop discernment.

A time to be quiet
A time to listen and be still
To stay calm and sit with one’s self

A time to reflect and to open to inner introspection, to explore and connect with the inner wise one and to commune with the soul self, opening to the wisdom carried through the ages.

A time to leave behind doubt and fear.
A time to drop the veils and masks and reconnect to soul groups and remember why you chose to be here at this time. Most important, to stay connected to your own inner truths and not be swayed by the hysteria and stories being circulated in the social media and press, that perpetuate fear and lack, That draw and pull you away from your true pathway, distracting you from your intended purpose.

Seek wise counsel from trusted like beings who are living their truth and working for the brotherhood and sisterhood of Gaia and her children. Be open to accept the changes, embrace the changes with love.

Avoid those who are filled with woe and neediness, full of their pain and drama, who would suck all you have to give to feed their psychosis. Some will be left behind and will leave this era and lifetime and return to source to find their way. Again, they will have the opportunity to live a life in another time and dimension to continue their souls journey of growth and expansion of consciousness that will lead them to higher planes and evolve as is their destiny.

Do not despair as everything is in order in the chaos of this time. You and your soul group will be together and there is no right or wrong way to be. The pathway is clear of obstacles and all will become clear.

Manifest and co-create. Trust in the flow and support each other. Live from the heart and flow in the energy of life, like the water in the stream that follows the pathway down the hill that becomes the river and rapids, that finds channels through and around obstacles.

Follow the path of least resistance. Join forces with your sisters and brothers.



Be silent.

Speak your wisdom wisely. Choose your words with care and be sure to honour the way of spirit in all things. You will be provided for. When you feel overwhelmed, call upon your soul family. Manifest and use resources at hand, all your needs will be met. What you need may not always show up as you expect. Be open and look for the hidden gifts and you will be well served.

Time now is in a flux. There is no time. Time is not a useful concept Think of being present Don’t dwell on the past and what has been. Don’t travel into the future with desires for could be. These come from the old. Look with eyes that see. Take your breath in and exhale and feel your feet on the earth. Bathe in thy water. Immerse self and cleanse.

Stay true and honour your wisdom and fulfill your purpose.  Reach out to those who are walking alongside you. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE AND LOVE

Share insights, wisdom that shines the light on their journey and can assist when needed. Be ready to take this journey. Faith and trust in self and in life and all that is you that is connected to the infinite source of all of life, the great mystery, universal beingness – the source of all.


Jacquie Walker

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