Have you lost the purity of your connection?


Channelled from Source by Rochelle McDonnell

Has your desire for understanding taken from you the pure connection to your higher self and to your connection to Source? (God, The Universe, all that Is, you use the word that works for you.)

As energetic, intuitive, connected practitioners, our connection to our higher self (the Source energy that is you and in you) is what empowers, creates, connects us to others, and brings the change we want for ourselves and for others.

And yet it is in thought that we disempower our thoughts to create what we desire to have.

Thought is both a strength and a weakness. It is in our thoughts we deny what we see, believe and know, and yet it is with thought that we create what we desire to have.

This is the contradiction of thought. It is both empowering and disempowering.

There is a common theme that the more we know, the better or greater our connection to our higher self and the stronger our energetic, spiritual or intuitive connection will be.

There is a strong push for more enlightenment, greater knowledge, deeper transformation, a higher awareness, to try harder, to embrace the truth others give you in the moment as your truth to build on.

Perhaps all that is needed is a time of allowing what is within YOU to be heard.

Perhaps it is time to validate you and the knowing held in your higher self and the knowing that flows from your connection energetically or spirituality.

In the search for understanding comes wisdom and from wisdom grows more understanding but this does not mean understanding aligns you to the truth of what is.

So, when we search for knowledge and look for ways to do, a pattern to follow, a process to adopt so we can have more, be more, feel better in our business or personal life, it does not mean we actually find the understanding and alignment that we set out to find.

Acceptance without understanding of what is given to you in the energetic intuitive place, is the beginning of empowered thought and action.  It is in the place of allowing, that we create and become all that is held for us.

The energetic intuitive connection to our higher self and to All that is, is where we find what we have been looking for.

© Rochelle McDonnell 2019

Rochelle McDonnell is  the founder of Jewel House, Jewel House Publishing, and Rochelle McDonnell Transformation Coaching.

After experiencing a profound healing which changed her life she has been receiving guided messages which she combines with  practical tools of business and the energetic intuitive to support her clients in creating a life and business that is on purpose, connected, filled with ease, direction, guidance, and flowing in the abundance that that meets every need.

She is the author of several books and programs including the Weaving, Journey of Soul, Intuitive Business Mastery, Grow Connect Profit, Activation Meditations for Health & Wellness.

For further information visit  https://rochellemcdonnell.com/

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