Sands of Time


Simply disconnect from the everyday and get set to enjoy one of the most richly sumptuous collections of neo-classical music to be created by Dutch composer Kerani with Sands of Time, her latest offering and one more than well worth the wait.

Words do not do justice to this work which reaches deep into the very heart, to bring a wonderful sense of being washed in pure gentle love and peaceful healing. There is no doubt that the music, as it always does with one of her creations, takes you on voyage of discovery, to places new and old, of emotions of joy, happiness and love

Having been privy to a very small moment of time watching Kerani create her blissful music, each note is carefully crafted using her wonderful ability to hear the music in her heart, mind and soul long before a note is played; each little note coming together piece by piece to form what can very easily be considered as a creation directly from the Divine.

To set out the various tracks with a descriptor other than the title would be to do an injustice to the beauty that will unfold as each piece comes to life, often led in by piano or synthesizer, backed with a rich depth from a live string ensemble. When they occasionally entwine with the beautiful vocals of Davinia Van der Zee-Kropivšek enchantment is created.

Every piece becomes a favourite, before the next delicately sensuous track flows forth, lush in texture, rich in emotion, to carry the listener to a faraway place only they can discover. All to soon the hour of enchantment which was began with the Sands of Time is drawing to a conclusion with the gracious and delicate piece The Muse, which creates an absolutely blissful return to reality.

The tiny beginnings of this outstanding work were began long before 2020 arrived filled with unforeseen challenges, changing life as it once was, to life as it is now, heralding in a very different reality. Sands of Time has arrived at an exact moment in time that is desperately seeking comfort from the stress of daily life. Perfect!

Artists                           Kerani
Distributor                     Kerani Music Studio


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