Urban Metta Vol II by Anaamaly



Anaamaly pronounced as Án-o-maly’ means, ‘something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected, is a perspective to be remembered as you drift slowly through the delicate vibration which is Urban Metta II.

Following on from the successful Urban Metta Vol 1 album, volume II or Um 11, is equally as a captivating, so much so that both albums, although similar in construction and intent, are somewhat different, pleasingly so. If you are after some lengthy meditation or healing relaxation music, using these two albums as a continuous loop would add another dimension to a wonderful, healing experience.

Created with meditation and yoga as the basis, the music simply flows over the landscape, offering a time to step out, switch off and be refreshed, whether it simply is a little half hour in time or as a bedtime companion on those days when life is nothing more than a series of discordant noises.

Coming from his background as both a musician and sound technician, Phil Strickland uses his immense and diverse skill base to create a soundscape that offers relaxation as well as empowerment of the body, mind and spirit.

Classed somewhat as New Age it is far more than that, as it comes into the relaxation genre with the underlying aspect of grounding and emotional impact, which is both refreshing and cleansing. A Zen moment can be assured, along with that catch phrase of ‘mindfulness’ in meditation, as the music encourages an ‘in the moment’, minute or two, as it travels seamlessly onward towards the final track, which as with all good relaxation and meditation pieces, slowly returns to the everyday world, but with a wonderful feeling of peace and joy present.

Each of the tracks has a specific title which offers a reason for the creation, but as with all music of this genre or ambience, the titles really do not matter, as the intent is to offer a little fillip of escape in an otherwise busy, busy world. But for those of you who enjoy the more structured aspect, titles really can hold some serious significance adding yet another layer or dimension to the experience.

As with all of Anaamaly’s works, do not try to over analyse the pieces, simply undertake the easiest option; turn on the music, settle into a comfortable chair, add a glass of something enjoyable and enjoy the journey for what it will bring, hold and offer.

Perfect, sublime, bliss!

A Note from Phil Strickland

For maximum listening pleasure:

Dear Listener

Please know that Urban Metta, Vol. 2 was specifically designed to be experienced with hi-fidelity stereo headphones and the SUBPAC S2 or M2 Tactile Bass Systems (visit www.SUBPAC.com to learn more). For the true immersive, vibrational full-body experience, I highly recommend that you use both when listening, if possible. Please contact me if you have questions before purchasing a SUBPAC or stereo headphones.

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