87 Keys by Philip Shpartov



On this debut album from young Russian composer Philip Shpartov, he takes a walk along some very divergent musical pathways, to present an album which is versatile, enjoyable and heavily influenced by the many aspect of his Arts background.

Studying piano from a young age he created his first composition at the age of 6 years, after having enjoyed the music of JS Bach performed by Glen Gould.

As a teen he began studying music, as well as competing in ballroom dancing, following his second love, that of dance. After graduation from the Minsk Musical College in 2005, Shpartov discovered a total fascination with stage and theatre, going on to study acting, all the while still honing his talent in composition and arrangements for folk songs and also for two documentaries.

This background is very evident in the seven songs which make up this album, as there is a little of all the many influences in his life to date woven throughout the music, which does add so many dimensions to the pieces.

The Film offers a look at theatre in general, as it trips and changes, delicately balancing the aspects of creating a stage performance, whether it is as an actor or a performer; sometimes there is very little difference between the two, an element which has been captured in this piece.

87 Keys is the signature piece of the album, a piece in which he uses the timelessness of practicing scales to illustrate that nothing in life is perfect, it has its ups and downs, and it does pay to remember, that even when you think you have it down to perfection, perhaps, when viewed through other eyes, this may not be the case.

Gentle and mellifluous Sleeping Piano dances around the edges of memory as it entices and intrigues. Natalia Volegova on ‘cello, adds a lovely silky depth to the piece.

A vibrant, almost discordant piece in Tangos de Fuego is refreshing, enlivening and enjoyable in an unusual manner, offering another element or style to this fiery Spanish/ Argentinian dance style.

Winding up this eclectic offering is Your Wistful Smile, which is unexpectedly fast paced, short, and enjoyable.

Different, enjoyable, interesting and for a first voyage into the world commercial albums, a delightful offering which spans the range of New Age through to Contemporary Neo-classical, if you can call a class of music such, making it a refreshing collection.

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