Held In the light by Dan Chadburn



In this lovely eclectic mix, solo pianist Dan Chadburn is at his best, as he brings freshness to many much loved hymns and classic pieces, beginning with Breath on Me, Breath of God. In this album, of which he has dedicated to his parents, he has stamped the very pieces he has chosen in this tribute, with his trademark melodies and rich textures.

He is known for his improv style when in concert and has applied this talent to the selection of these pieces; three of the pieces are original studio improv with the addition of ten improv arrangements of the traditional hymns.

Perfect for easy listening, this talented man has refined the art to perfection; the original melody is there to be easily recognised, but has been moved into the modern world of what can loosely be considered as ambient music, in that it floats and changes, creating a wonderful, warm atmosphere of listening.

In a salute to his parents, he has chosen many of the hymns beloved by them and by coincidence many are beloved of the listening public. Breath of Life was created as an improv piece during a live concert, which has now become one of the pieces regularly requested and played at his performances; such is the talent of the man and his music.

Rich, textured and layered there is something within each of the pieces to bring enjoyment to the listener, along with a sense of timelessness and pleasure. When many of these pieces where first scored, they were created as ‘religious pieces’ to be sung to the glory of God, but as the years have passed, many have become ‘mainstream,’ easily recognised and enjoyed by a wide audience.

Tucked away is the delightful Were You There, originally a Negro spiritual and Morning Has Broken, a wonderful piece that has, over the years, acquired so many applications, ranging from a funeral hymn to a pop song. Written in 1931 by Eleanor Farjeon, and set to the Scottish Gaelic tune known as Bunessan, it was made famous by Cat Stevens as a track on his album Teaser and the Firecat, recorded in 1971 and is now an all-time favourite.

Peaceful, relaxing and enjoyable this is another top performance from Chadburn in what could almost be considered as his favoured genre of Contemporary Christian music.

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