Songs From the Mara


After a recent trip to Kitui to plant trees with her Singing Tree Institute, long-time lover of Kenya, award-winning singer and composer Lis Addison felt compelled to create a symphony, so moved was she by the perfect blending of the sound of nature serenading her each morning and evening.


Songs from the Mara is the result of this deeply felt and rich experience, a soft, drifting, dreamy compilation of voice, instruments, and nature with captivating instrumental background harmonies.

The Maasai Mara is world famous for its animal migration, rich in history and culture, mystery, and mystique, which has been captured within the concept of the enchanting melodies, beginning with the dainty Sunrise on The Mara, portraying through delicate sound, the beginning of the day as the sun slowly moves over the horizon to lighten the darkness.

The tinkling of bells creates the sound of rain falling on a dry and thirsty country, softly sounding on thatched rooves, bringing life flow with its bounty, resonates within Kuiti Rain; soft vocals, the rich sounds of frogs and other water-loving creatures blend seamlessly into one voice.

Elephants on the Mara captures the awe of seeing such majestic and beautiful creatures in their natural world. The deeper, slightly slower melody, enhanced with chanting vocals creates a bewitching sense of wonderment. Filled with a sense of amazement Lioness and Three Cubs is lighter and yet captures that almost earnest play of the cubs as they wake to a new day, one filled with new adventures, skills and fun.

The final song Dream of the Mara is a reverent song that reflects the deep love and respect felt by Lis Addison for this unique and ancient country. The melody and vocals once again enchant and captivate as they recreate in grace, the natural symphony of nature for those who choose to simply watch, listen, and absorb.

Songs From the Mara is perfect for simply relaxing and letting the world pass by for a small moment in time. Perfect.

Distributor                          Bandcamp
Released                            September 2023
Artists                                Lis Addison
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Review by Janet Mawdesley


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