Meditation – Journey of Consciousness


Suzanne is communicating with her teachers in spirit daily and bringing hope to thousands with her evidential readings. The key to getting started on this path was daily meditation. Suzanne is grateful for the personal and practical tools and practices that she has been given by her guides and the tips she has developed from her meditation over the years.

Suzanne Giesemann started meditating over 10 years ago as a raw beginner. She was skeptical about this even “working”. A gift from Suzanne – sharing some of her journey  messages and wisdom.

She is sharing all with you in her new e-book, “Mastering Meditation”. You will find your gift at this link:  You can download a PDF version.

Suzanne Giesemann is a retired U.S. Navy Commander who now serves humanity as a verified evidential medium and messenger of hope. She is the founder and teacher of The Awakened Way℠ – a path to knowing who you are and why you’re here. Find free meditations and resources from Suzanne on her website:

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