John & George in Spirit: Harmonics of the Heart

BR John and George in spirit of the heart

blueBack in the mid-1960’s the pop group, The Beatles rose to fame and fortune. Their light burned brightly and touched the hearts of many for five years before they disbanded, each to go their own way, but leaving behind a legacy of music that has stood the test of time; the lyrics of many of their songs still as relevant today as when they were penned back in the ‘60’s.

But what was it that saw four young men from Liverpool rise so spectacularly to become a world phenomenon? John and George in Spirit- Harmonics of the Heart goes a very long way to explaining just what it was that drove the group to such heights, and what they hoped to achieve with their music.

Channelled through Susan Courtney, who John Lennon and George Harrison later, once things got seriously underway, refer to as Bird, they set many aspects of their life as The Beatles out in clear view, clearing up many of the misconceptions created when they disbanded and what they, as divine beings, have been undertaking in the many years since their passing.

The volume of work, all channelled sessions, is large, full of fascinating and often complex information which is best read chapter at a time. Each chapter deals with specifics, beginning with a clear presentation as to how the four young men came to be part of such musical phenomena, and in celestial realms are still carrying on the work they began here on earth.

Many loose ends are explained, as are many of the lyrics, such as Blackbird, Help, All you need is love and many more, which for devotes makes fascinating reading, as it is being delivered from the people who created timeless rhythms and words; as is the power of music, the eternal harmonics, being able to lift the human spirit in times of immense despair, sadly something we are today witnessing in the Russia – Ukraine War that is unfolding in Europe.

Outtakes at the end of the book make for slightly more individual reading, as it is more of a question-and-answer session about a wide range of topics or queries, that many people would like to have answered in relation to physical and metaphysical matters, which make a light ending to a book which is comprehensive, serious, witty at times and packed full of eternal and infinite wisdom.

Author                                       Susan Jean Courtney
Publisher                                    SaltPoint Imprint (December 15, 2021)
ISBN                                          979-8985426007

Review By Janet Mawdesley 

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