The A to Z of Feelings


Feelings and emotions, what are they? Do you really know who you are, emotionally? Can you differentiate between the good guys in life or otherwise? How good would it be if you know how to use your emotions and feelings to understand the world and people round you, to be able to have control over your actions and to be able to have a happier, more settled life.

Psychologist Andrew Fuller addresses these and much more in his new, ground breaking book, The A-Z of Feelings, how they affect us on a daily basis and the effect they have on those around us.

Designed as a ‘go to’ book the introduction looks at what are feelings and emotions and helps us understand the complexities of our feeling. As he points out, feelings are complex things, which once better understood, offer a clearer picture of why we struggle with feelings at times.

Written in a way that is easy to understand, and entertaining, the work is a fascinating look into the world of our intricate and intimate make-up, a genetic imprint if you like, that goes far back to the times when language was not used as it is today, and people had to rely on feelings, body language and sensory perception to survive.

Listed in alphabetical order the most common feelings beginning with Acceptance, moving through Hate, Regret, onward to end at Zest which makes very intriguing reading, as each emotion is set out clearly in four sections, a small chart shows the physical signs of the emotion in question and what can be done to encourage this feeling to work for you.

How to Stay Sane in a Crazy World is an excellent chapter towards the end of the book, as it is a question asked by all without often any clear answer! There is also a terrific index of feelings to use as a very quick reference guide which helps to link additional feelings for better understanding. An index of Physical Signs rounds out nicely a comprehensive look at who we really are, feelings and all and how we can set about switching on the magic to get feelings to work for you, not against you.

The A-Z of Feelings is comprehensive; a work which like all good dictionaries will be used time and time again to help better understand feelings in the ever changing demands of modern society.

Author                            Andrew Fuller
Publisher                        Bad Apple Press
ISBN                              9780645069013

Review By Janet Mawdesley AUGUST 19, 2021, 9:21 AM

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