Modern Day Magic by Rachel Lang


“Magic isn’t about manifesting the outcome you desire. it’s about being open to the unimaginable and impossible- letting your heart sync up with the waves of the cosmos and being carried into a destination you could have never dreamed for yourself.”- Rachel Lang

If you are looking to develop your innate psychic abilities or just want to learn more about them, Modern Day Magic is the perfect guide for you! With the help of this guide, you will be able to learn how to use your intuition, see glimpses of the future, bend time, or even manifest your deepest desires! You will also be able to develop your spiritual powers and use them to shape your life and take charge of your destiny! This book is simply an amazing tool for anyone who is interested in the spiritual realm.

In the same way that The Artist’s Way helps readers unlock their creativity through specific daily practices and a hands-on, practical approach, Modern Day Magic guides you through a step-by-step process to work with your magic and expand your spiritual gifts.

Rachel provides you with daily exercises and questions to prompt and remind you to write down your personal insights and experiences so you remember and have a record of what you have experienced. This gives you a reference point so that you can see the changes  you are manifesting in your life.

I love how this book is written in plain English. It’s not overly technical or complicated. It’s written so that anyone can pick it up, learn, and apply it. It’s empowering to help you learn how to reclaim and work with magic so you can create the life you want.

In the words of the author, “By reading New Day Magic, you are taking hold of your magic wand and using it to shape your future. You are beginning a firsthand and experiential exploration of your innate spiritual power, and you will see immediate results. You will begin weaving magical practices into your everyday life, no matter what your faith background may be.”


Rachel Lang is a professional astrologer, healer, and psychic medium who works with both individuals and businesses. She writes a monthly horoscope column for Conscious Living Magazine, the Omega Institute’s Omega News and LVBX Magazine.

Publisher Hardie Grant
ISBN: 9781784884611

Reviewed by Jacquie Walker – Conscious Living Magazine Editor


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