Inside Your Dreams



Dreams area regular nightly event even though they are not always recognised, understood or considered as important, but as Rose Inserra goes on to explain in her latest book Inside Your Dreams, dreams are considered vital to your health and well-being.

Dream Sharing was considered as a vital element in the Roman Empire, as it was considered vital to the safety of all who de welled within the towns, and often foretold of cataclysmic event about to occur. The Egyptians also considered dreams vital to their general wellbeing.  It is only in the more modern times where dreams have been considered as of no real consequence; a lot of superstitious nonsense!

Over the chapters of Inside Your Dreams, written for the layperson or simply the inquisitive soul, much is explained that relates closely to the world in which we live, and is particularly relevant to the troubled and unsecure times of the COVID pandemic.

 Deliberately divided into sections the work investigates what Inserra refers to as ‘collective dreaming’, which takes a look at the history, cultural, archetypical dreams and synchronicities that are involved in the somewhat mystical or mysterious world of dreaming and dream interpretation.

Inside Your Dreams can be read cover to cover or section by section in whatever manner appears to be relevant or necessary, with Activity Pages place at the end of most sections which adds an extra level of understanding to the reading material, particularly if is being read as a workbook.

Fascinating, insightful and well written Inside Your Dreams is a work not to be taken lightly, but one that encourages acceptance and understanding of dreams and their symbols, as well as their link to ‘universal consciousness’ which is becoming ever more important.

Author                                     Rose Inserra,
Publisher                                 Rockpool Publishing Company
ISBN                                       9781925924503

Review By Janet Mawdesley 

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