Hemispherica Portalis



Driving through the remote country of the Australian outback, Hemispherica Portalis Portal of 1000 years, from DeSensitized on the car speakers, the ambience of the music blending perfectly with the timelessness of the passing scenery, brings into focus the relaxing and synergetic concept that makes up this elegant, transitional music.

In the small beautifully presented booklet that accompanies the CD there is a short explanation behind each composition placed over some exquisite images, which helps with the understanding that the music is created to help with the transition between elements of the natural world to further discover the mystery of what lies in alternate spaces.

As each track reveals its rich depths the meaning behind the music is revealed as in Ecumenicus Orato or The Umbilical Centre, the creative force, the centre of being. Terminus Equitos, Redemption Seeker is an interesting concept as both the words and music create the feeling of the ever madding rush of the world today; a feeling of constant pressure and urgency, which needs to be addressed and understood before the final chapters of the day arrive.

Amphibination – Myths and Legends returns to the beginning one again, asking, requesting that in the journey of life we all take time to connect with the timelessness, with the creativity that is within us all: ‘the link of water that binds and supports us all’.

As said in the beginning, the remote lands of Australia, as will any place that has that intrinsic feeling of timelessness, brings the concept captured within the music into clarity. Star filled skies, darkness pure and perfect, majestically ancient ranges clothed in a myriad of changing colours allows the gentle, ambient beauty of Hemispherica Portalis Portal of 1000 years to present to perfection is its delicate concept.

Website                       https://spottedpeccary.com/shop/hemispherica-portalis/
Distributor                   Spotted Peccary Music
Released                     2021
Artists                         Desensitized

Review By Janet Mawdesley 

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