Earth Day is Everyday


For over 50 years, Earth Day on April 22nd has been a rallying point for the environmental movement. The first Earth Day was a watershed event that turned 20 million people out into the streets. And every year, a billion people are mobilized in nearly 200 countries for teach-ins, cleanups, tree-planting, faith gatherings and more.

The live digital event April 23 this year included panel discussions, films and special musical performances on ways to Restore Our Earth. Through climate literacy, natural solutions and innovative technologies, Earth Day Org is fighting climate change on the individual and societal levels.  So far Earth Day has had two days of action with the three summits and this year Earth Day Live reached millions.

Simple changes to your daily habits can make a real difference.

“Be mindful of how you interact with your planet. “

  • Recycle your waste with care and put your waste in the correct bin. Always wash out containers before putting them in the recycle bin. 
  • If you’re a smoker, don’t flick your butt on the ground. Put it out and wrap it in a tissue or put it in a portable container to place in a bin. 
  • Don’t throw litter out of your car window. Save it in a plastic bag and place in the appropriate bin when you reach your destination.
  • Compost your vegetable waste and use it in your garden as fertiliser.

Earth Day is Everyday


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